UAE: Extra licence plate for motorists with bicycle carrier to avoid Dh400 fine

Obscuring vehicle number plates, even with objects like bike racks, is a traffic offence

Image used for illustrative purpose.
Image used for illustrative purpose.

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Published: Sat 11 Dec 2021, 2:32 PM

Last updated: Sat 11 Dec 2021, 2:37 PM

Abu Dhabi police have launched a new initiative to place an additional number plate for vehicles with a bicycle carrier.

The additional plate will to be placed by motorists on the base of the bicycle holder at the boot or the trunk of vehicles carrying bicycles.

Obscuring vehicle licence plates, even with objects like bike racks, is a traffic offense. Violators are subject to Dh400 fines according to the federal traffic law.

This additional licence plate aims to avoid blocking the vehicle's plate, which is a traffic violation, thereby avoiding fines.

Photo: Abu Dhabi Police twitter
Photo: Abu Dhabi Police twitter

Colonel Mohammed Al-Berek Al-Amri, Directorate of the Drivers and Machines Licensing in the Central Operations Sector, confirmed that this initiative comes from the care and attention of the Abu Dhabi Police to support environmental initiatives and users of bicycle through awareness of drivers and avoiding traffic violations.


Recently, the Abu Dhabi Police has been creating awareness about road safety and traffic violations, including fines and penalties applicable or failing to give way to emergency response vehicles.

Over 5,000 motorists, including those driving light vehicles and trucks, were caught in Abu Dhabi till June 30 for covering their registered number plates, the authorities have said.

According to the police, some motorists cover number plates while carrying loads or bicycles in the rear portion of their vehicles, while others deliberately cover them in a bid to evade radars and cameras installed on roads and highways to catch vehicles that indulge in over speeding.

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