Dubai law: Are interfaith marriages allowed in the emirate?

The UAE is globally recognised for accepting various cultures, religions

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Love knows no borders
Love knows no borders

Ashish Mehta

Published: Sun 26 Jun 2022, 10:36 AM

Last updated: Sun 26 Jun 2022, 10:04 PM

Question: I am an expat and if I am to marry my girlfriend, who is not of my faith, is it possible here? Can you explain the procedure? My girlfriend and I both don’t have any close family members here.

Response: Pursuant to your queries, it is assumed that you are a non-Muslim male and intend to marry your girlfriend in Dubai. Therefore, the provisions of Federal Law No. (28) of 2005 On Personal Status (the ‘Personal Status Law of UAE’) are applicable.

Dubai and the UAE are globally recognised for accepting various cultures of the world where people of various nationalities and religions reside. Due to its vibrant cosmopolitan culture, it is home to people following various faiths. The leadership of the UAE is tolerant and benevolent towards all religions.

In Dubai, non-Muslim marriages are recognised if they are conducted in churches, Hindu or Sikh temples that are approved by the Community Development Authority of Dubai. Further, interfaith marriages (non-Muslims) are usually performed in the respective embassy or consulate of the bridegroom or bride.


Marriages of individuals who are Muslims by faith are performed at the Personal Status Court of Dubai (the ‘Court’).

You may contact your embassy/consulate Dubai and understand the procedures related to the registration of interfaith marriages. However, if you are a Muslim, it is recommended that you approach the Court and seek further advice on this matter. Alternatively, you may avail the services of a legal counsel in the UAE.

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