Rent hike can only be 5%

Rent hike can only be 5%

I have been staying with my family in a flat in Abu Dhabi since May 2002. In December 2011, the property agent I hired the flat from, handed it over to the landlord. We were then verbally informed that the whole building needed maintenance and we have to vacate the flat at the end of our current tenancy contract which ended in May this year. I approached the landlord to renew my contract for one year. He said he was ready to renew the contract but he wanted a 35 per cent increase from the current contract amount. I did not agree and approached the Rent Dispute Committee which advised me to deposit the amount in that office with only a five per cent increase as per the UAE law and renew the flat up to May 2013. Now, the landlord served a lawyer notice to me stating that I have to vacate the flat in September 2012. What should I do? Should I vacate the flat this month? I am worried about my two children who are studying in a school in Abu Dhabi. The building is in good condition and safe to live in. There is also no notice from the municipality or any other authority regarding the building safety. Please, advise.

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By Nasser Ahmed Al Osaiba

Published: Mon 10 Sep 2012, 9:26 AM

Last updated: Tue 7 Apr 2015, 12:40 PM

You made the right decision in approaching the Rent Dispute committee and depositing the rent there. The deposit means you have renewed the rent agreement. My advise is to take the new notice to the Rent Committee and confirm with them if your rent is still valid until May 2013.

Women in some jobs can sponsor husbands

I have been working with a company here for nine years under my husband’s sponsorship. He got terminated and our visa will be cancelled in due time. If my company is willing to provide me with a visa, but only as an archive clerk, can I sponsor my son and husband? My salary is Dh8,500. I also have a tenancy contract for three bedrooms.

Article one of ministerial decision No 9 for the year 1995 sanctions foreigners, who have a salary of more than Dh4,000 and have a leased home, sponsorship right for their families. However, article three from the same decision allows women who are working in rare and important specialisations such as medical and engineering professions to sponsor their families in case they meet the required conditions. Hence, it is not clear from the law if an archive clerk would be allowed to sponsor her husband and family. It is recommended to apply to the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs to obtain a sponsorship for your husband and family and they would clarify to you the requirements.

Holding passport by firm illegal

I have been working with a certification company in Dubai. Now, they want to cancel my visa without any reason. They also hold my passport with them. I have not completed my first year with that visa which was issued in December 2011. If they cancel my visa, will I be liable to a ban, and for how long?

Generally, you should not be liable to any ban. However, the ban that is imposed on people without judgment is a six-month ban. On the other hand, holding the employee’s passport is not legal. You can approach the nearest police department and report this offence to them and they will call your employer and make him hand over your passport to you. Additionally, in your case, it is recommended that you report to the labour office that your employer is terminating you without a reason and he is holding your passport in order to make sure you get all your rights.

Rectify absconder status at residency department

I worked in a courier company here three years ago. The company cancelled my visa and reported me as absconder. I came to Dubai two years later on a visit visa. When another company applied for my visa, the system showed me as absconding. What should be done?

You will have to go to the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs and explain the matter to them by proving that you resigned and left the country two years ago. They can then rectify your status in the system.

Compiled by Ahmed Shaaban

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