ZEX PR Wire — Best in the business in this fast-paced time

By Apoorv Gupta

Published: Thu 6 Oct 2022, 3:57 PM

Last updated: Thu 6 Oct 2022, 3:59 PM

Nowadays, attracting consumers' attention has become both the most difficult and valuable thing. And when something has such a high value, you need to be distinct and unusual in your approach to reach your goal. With its cutting-edge strategy, ZEX PR Wire is here to revolutionise the PR industry. It is a platform that guarantees to offer a solution to every issue a PR Team or company may have in this rapidly evolving business time.

ZEX PR Wire is a press release distribution SAAS platform that helps with the press release that will cater to Tier one, two and three media outlets globally. Any marketing or PR team can use it to execute and manage PR campaigns for their clients because it has collaborated with 500+ media outlets and is a 99 per cent automated platform.

The team at ZEX PR Wire has developed a very cutting-edge, quick, efficient, and cost-effective method for offering PR-related solutions to top-tier and expanding companies since they have an in-depth understanding of the demands of the quickly moving sector. The ZEX creators have been working around the clock to develop a press release distribution SAAS platform that distributes press release content to Tier one, two and three media outlets worldwide.

With backgrounds in engineering, Saurabh Singla and Apoorv Gupta founded the platform. They worked together to make it the best PR firm. The platform has significantly impacted the business and received numerous awards due to its great vision and technical expertise. The team has won some of the most prestigious prizes, such as:

'Best PR Partner' by Metadecypt at Museum of the Future Dubai

'Best PR SAAS Platform in Blockchain Space' by India Blockchain Week 2022 organised by BlockOn Capital

'Best PR WIRE' by Money Expo Mumbai 2022 by Trasol

'Best PR Agency' by India Ecommerce 2022 organised by Entrepreneurs Media

Apoorv Gupta is the founder of ZEx PR Wire

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