Yusuf Yolasan and Addison Hellum talk about the power of gratitude and the ways to practice it


Published: Tue 12 Oct 2021, 3:20 PM

Successful people are often the humblest and have a strong sense of gratitude for the elements that led to their success. These are the external factors such as clients, colleagues, and a strong team. While someone might be born with the internal characteristics for success, getting the outside essentials right can be quite a challenge. This is why Yusuf Yolasan and Addison Hellum advocate for always being grateful for your success, and here, they share a few tips on leveraging the power of gratitude.

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Appreciate your team

Yolasan and Hellum understand they would not be where they are without a great team supporting them. Not to mention, a happy team will work harder, resulting in higher productivity and increased organizational loyalty. These business owners make it a point to recognize their team’s accomplishments and appreciate their employees’ contributions on special occasions such as holidays, birthdays, and work anniversaries. “Even a random shout-out during the day carries a lot of weight regardless of sounding trivial,” says Yolasan. “In fact, a simple ‘thank you’ shows people they are appreciated and their contributions valued,” adds Hellum.

Provide unparalleled customer service

If building a solid team ensures half of a company’s success, the other half comes from its customers. Yolasan and Hellum have built their organisations on unparalleled customer service, which has earned them many long-term clients and countless referrals. They go over and beyond to deliver a memorable customer experience, and genuine appreciation is at the core of every customer interaction within their organisations. This authenticity is recognised by their clients, which is why they continue to work with Yolasan and Hellum. “It means a lot when customers realise you are grateful for them, and that is why they keep coming back,” explains Yolasan.

Practice giving back

Today’s consumers are more socially conscious than ever. Yolasan and Hellum realise that a lot of people decide to do business based on a company’s values and relationships with other organisations. Therefore, Yolasan and Hellum support local initiatives in addition to national and international charities. A sense of giving back fulfills Yolasan and Hellum while proving to be an invaluable business practice that attracts and retains clients.

By being thankful, showing appreciation, and returning the kindness of others, Yolasan and Hellum have incorporated the power of gratitude into their personal and professional lives. We live in a turbulent world where acts of kindness are all the more impactful when performed with a genuine intention. In short, a little gratitude and humility go a long way.

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