William McGirr and Peter Tri on how to build a successful brand

Published: Thu 14 Oct 2021, 11:11 PM

Considering the number of brands coming up in 2021, building an authentic and successful brand might appear easy but in reality, it is no walk in the park. According to McGirr, your brand needs to be rooted in a unique personality that allows customers to connect on a more meaningful level. Peter Tri adds that your brand should set you apart from the competition.

Once you get into it, building a brand can be quite daunting. McGirr notes that most up-and-coming entrepreneurs feel it might be easier for bigger companies. However, Tri and McGirr point out that branding is vital to the growth of every brand. By adhering to several basic rules, you can create a strong brand.

As you embark on building your brand, it is important to prioritise customers since they dictate the success of your business. In today’s world, customers favour experiences over anything else. Therefore, your brand must be built on trust, transparency, and authenticity.

McGirr highlights that a brand is an ecosystem of your business and its relationship with the outside world. To build a brand, you should first break down the creative elements to set up the steps to follow. Start by laying the groundwork and then working your way through each step, says Tri. The brand building process entails creating a go-to-market strategy that will help you craft your brand marketing and identity, which constitutes the ultimate recipe for brand building, according to McGirr and Tri. They further elucidate the two terms below:

Creating a strategy

According to McGirr and Tri, any successful business starts with a fool-proof strategy that lays out a clear path. Without a brand strategy, you have no vision or goal and no starting point. A strategy will outline where you begin and each step that needs to be taken before moving on to the next stage. This is the point where you also get to set goals for your brand and think about what requirements the brand will meet for the consumers.

Brand identity

Once you have the strategy laid out, you need to define your brand identity. McGirr and Tri explain that this entails visual elements of your brand, such as the logo, brand colours, images, and design. To complete your identity, you need to tell your brand story so as to connect with consumers.

Advances in technology are greatly facilitating brand building in 2021. McGirr and Tri note that most businesses are better prepared for brand building thanks to the availability of helpful information online.

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