Why Fabian Kumpusch looks upon fear as an opportunity in disguise

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Published: Wed 24 Nov 2021, 10:34 AM

Fear is a crippling feeling that keeps us from pursuing our dreams. It is also that voice of doubt that whispers your shortcomings and fills you with insecurities. Fear is a huge part of life, but according to Fabian Kumpusch, it should not stop you from moving forward.

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Kumpusch is a serial entrepreneur and crypto expert. He began his career in real estate before transitioning to cryptocurrencies. Since then he has established his business and staked a claim in the industry. His career has thrown several challenges at him, and Kumpusch admits experiencing the fear of failure. However, what makes him different is the fact that he got up, overcame his fears, and kept moving forward.

To a lot of people, fear means the end of a path and the signal to retreat. However, Kumpusch describes fear as the biggest opportunity to achieve success. He believes that your fears should add fuel to your hunger for success rather than dampening your spirits.

One of the main reasons why people develop a fear of something is vulnerability. People are afraid to be vulnerable. Regardless of what your reasons are, Kumpusch explains that confronting your fears is the first step towards success. Fear of failure, risk-taking, and change hold people back from pursuing their goals. But to make his dreams come true, Kumpusch looked upon fear as a giant opportunity.

Kumpusch further explains that feeling afraid made him realise that he needed to grow out of the space he was in. The fear resulted from not feeling ready. Therefore, he made the conscious decision to prepare himself. To do this, he invested in personal development, reading books, and researching to understand various aspects of business and the crypto world.

When it comes to taking risks, Kumpusch believes that you should take every opportunity for growth that is available to you. He says that the worst thing you could do is be complacent. “You cannot change your situation or grow out of your current situation without action. Fear is an opportunity for you to discover your capabilities, explore meaningful experiences, grow, and stand out from the crowd,” he explains.

Kumpusch also believes that life is meant to be lived without limits hanging over your progress. “Therefore, when you encounter challenges in your journey, instead of cowering in fear, it is prudent that you face these obstacles head-on,” he says. “Every obstacle and fear is a disguised opportunity to unlock the next stage of your journey. It is perfectly normal to feel afraid; however, don’t let your fear keep you from living your life. When you feel afraid, it should tell you that you are in a comfort zone, and it is time to leave before you get too comfortable.”

“Whatever you do, don’t let anything stand between you and your path to success,” says Kumpusch. He also explains that every limitation we perceive can be overcome once we face our fears and unearth the opportunities hidden within.

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