Wealthface: The new way of wealth management

Published: Tue 21 Jun 2022, 10:13 AM

Last updated: Tue 21 Jun 2022, 12:42 PM

Wealthface is a one-stop-shop online investing platform that offers advanced financial planning without any limitations or restrictions to individuals who want to build wealth, retire early, or accumulate their wealth. Now, Wealthface is announcing the unveiling of a new wealth management platform for financial advisors.

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Long before the fintech industry dominated the investment world, working with a financial planner used to be expensive due to the high management fees, minimum requirements needed to start an investment account, difficulty in withdrawing money, and the complications related to paperwork in general. However, Wealthface has transformed this journey by giving financial advisors the possibility to onboard their clients, while offering them the best of the best in the market with a click away through the new Wealthface hybrid solution.

When it comes to hybrid solutions, Wealthface has it all. We offer the whole package for investors during their investment journey from onboarding clients, compliance checks, to portfolio rebalancing and execution.

Wealthface for Advisors offers:

  • Onboarding
  • Compliance /AML check
  • Stress simulation
  • Portfolio Builder
  • Reporting

The Wealthface platform for advisors solves many problems in one platform, while simultaneously allowing us to educate our advisors on the financial markets for the purpose of offering clients better experience and customer service. Moreover, Wealthface is looking forward to working with existing advisors while being ready to onboard potential advisors who are aiming to start their career in the investment field through offering them the education and training needed.

However, Wealthface does not replace human advice, but it will help advisors to focus on serving their clients while offering them the best customer experience.

Bilal Majbour, founder and CEO at Wealthface said: "Wealthface makes sure to offer financial advisors a user-friendly platform at the lowest costs, in addition to making the financial market accessible to everyone through our hybrid solution. Consequently, this opportunity will allow advisors to focus on serving their clients with less effort and better customer service."

"However, due to the pandemic, things have changed and most tech advisors now schedule online meetings with their clients over zoom and other online platforms. Stemming from that, we understood the necessity of providing such a solution to advisors to help keep them focused on serving their clients while offering them the best customer experience there is," Majbour added.

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