Vobara utilises social media for personalised customer experiences

Published: Tue 19 Oct 2021, 3:51 PM

Last updated: Tue 19 Oct 2021, 4:45 PM

Social media has undoubtedly become one of the most significant technologies to change the world and has transformed people's daily activities. People can now communicate, receive news and information, shop, and enjoy entertainment all in one place while sitting on the couch and scrolling through an iPhone. While some business owners may see this as a threat to sales, custom jewellery company, Vobara, capitalises on this by utilising social media as their main selling platform.

Alex Arabov is the owner of Vobara, who focuses mainly on the hip-hop community with their signature product being their custom pendants. Arabov was inspired to get into the jewellery industry after growing up watching his father and uncle, Jacob the jeweller, turn nothing but a dream into a successful jewellery company. Arabov's father sadly passed away when he was eight years old, but his father's name lives on through the company brand name Vobara, his last name spelled backward. While Vobara had humble beginnings as a side hustle for a teenage boy with Arabov selling shamballa bracelets to high school students, it now creates custom pendants for clients such as Rick Ross as well as Quincy Combs and King Combs, the sons of P. Diddy.

Arabov takes pride in the personalised customer experience he offers to clients and emphasises, "The experience I offer—the personal touch—is what people love and appreciate and is one of the company's greatest advantages in this niche."

Although Arabov has an appointment only showroom in Downtown Miami, Vobara does 99 per cent of the company's business online through social media marketing and communication with clients through Instagram. Through Instagram, Vobara strives to create an online image that speaks of the same quality and attention to detail they give each client by creating an established, clean look giving the entire Instagram page its own feel. With the online nature of Vobara sales, Arabov explains, "I treat all customers like friends; I want them to be able to talk to me and feel comfortable. Most of the time, they're sending me money without even a face-to-face meeting, so I want them to trust that they are in good hands." Social media marketing allows company owners such as Arabov to reach many consumers across the globe instantly and opens avenues to create new connections and income for any business. Arabov dedicates his time to developing meaningful relationships with clients despite the distance element social media brings, which creates lifelong customers for Vobara.

Arabov is looking forward to connecting with new clients in the future and is anticipating getting to work on some exciting creative projects within Vobara. He ensures that from "the moment we make contact, every customer gets our undivided attention" and that he knows "every customer has a choice, especially when buying jewellery. No customer is guaranteed; we appreciate every last one and this is why we always give top quality treatment to the clients that choose Vobara."

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