US-based smart workplace brand ‘1-Platform’ unveiled as workspace summit tech partner

Platform merges space, energy, and time for optimised productivity, helping companies get more out of their workforce and resources

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George Simon
George Simon

Published: Tue 23 May 2023, 12:49 PM

1-Platform, the ground-breaking AI-driven workplace productivity platform, has announced its arrival in the Middle East with its selection as the technology partner for the Workspace Summit 2023 to be held in Dubai from May 23 to 25.

By merging space, energy, and time, the platform optimises productivity and resource allocation, resulting in remarkable outcomes. Organisations using 1-Platform have witnessed an impact of up to 25 per cent increase in workforce productivity, a 40 per cent reduction in energy consumption, and a 30 per cent improvement in space utilisation. These impressive statistics highlight the platform's contribution to creating efficient and sustainable urban environments, aligning perfectly with the vision of smart cities like NEOM.

Dubbed the 'single most powerful tool' for enhancing sustainability, delivering a rich user experience, and connecting technology silos, US-based 1-Platform aims to revolutionise the way businesses operate in the region.

With the appointment of George Simon as the CEO, 1-Platform is positioning itself as the go-to solution for empowering stakeholders, engaging employees, and optimising valuable resources for organisations across the region through its powerful AI-driven insights and integrations.

Following his illustrious stints at Microsoft and Plantronics, George will be instrumental in driving the platform’s growth globally and regionally. With over two decades of experience in the technology industry, George’s unique blend of technical expertise, strategic vision, and exceptional leadership skills will be crucial in steering 1-Platform’s influence in the regional remote and hybrid working landscape, tapping into his ecosystem of like-minded professionals proven track record of transforming organisations and delivering outstanding results. As a true advocate for digital transformation, George has his eyes set on revolutionising the industry by leveraging emerging AI-driven technologies.

1-platform is built on three core pillars — data insights, employee engagement, and resource optimisation. The AI-powered insights provide stakeholders access to predictive tools along with factual and objective data to make informed decisions. Employee engagement through research backed UI/UX frame work coupled with rich data from various connected systems contributes to retention and productivity, and resource optimisation helps leaders shift from real estate reduction to real estate rationalisation and redistribution. 1-Platform is poised to redefine the workplace by making it a more conducive environment to spur creativity. This innovative smart workplace management system optimises productivity by merging space, energy, and time, and will revolutionise how employees and organisations in the region connect and collaborate, enabling them to reach new heights of efficiency and effectiveness.

AI-focused approach

On the back of ballooning business operational costs and the ongoing shift to remote and hybrid working, 1-Platform is poised to be instrumental in jolting companies to rethink their overall operational and employee engagement strategies.

According to the 2023 Work Trend Index Special report by Microsoft, which surveyed over 3 million professionals across the globe, organizations that double down on employee engagement in times of economic uncertainty performed twice as well financially as organizations that deprioritised it. The report also found that 68 per cent of people say that they don’t have enough uninterrupted focus time during the workday, and 62 per cent of survey respondents also say that they struggle with too much time spent searching for information in their workday.

“1-Platform will help organisations to engage better with employees through AI-powered tools and research-driven user interface and experience frameworks. Our access to data is unparalleled, made possible with the depth of integrations to all relevant systems – offering a unique value proposition to all participants,” said George.

It aims to eliminate persistent workplace bottlenecks and revolutionise how IT professionals and techpreneurs navigate their day-to-day challenges across the region and beyond. By leveraging the power of AI and using the readily-available data insights, the platform takes a holistic approach, creating a smart workspace.

Regional relevance

The transformative benefits of 1-Platform perfectly align with regional visions such as Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030 and the UAE's Vision 2050, prioritising sustainable growth. By bringing together the best solutions in the industry, the brand is set to unleash the full potential of organisations, transforming the way they operate and unlocking unprecedented levels of productivity.

As the technology partner for the Workspace Summit 2023, 1-Platform, in collaboration with Microsoft, Logitech, Lenovo, Jabra, Navori, Extron among others, will showcase its game-changing capabilities and contribute to growth-oriented discussions that are driving the industry, the impact of emerging trends and technological innovations, and regional developments in workplace technology and smart office designs.

As the regional digital ecosystem evolves rapidly, certain conventional methods must change to make room for new, flexible ways of working as the local digital economy works to maintain its competitiveness. A unified approach employing data insights, employee engagement, and resource optimisation as demonstrated by 1-Platform has emerged as the future of work, creating a unique smart workspace, which will ultimately equip and empower organisations to reach new heights of productivity and data-driven success.

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