Top six hidden gems in the UAE

Published: Thu 7 Jul 2022, 5:51 PM

The UAE has definitely made it to the top of every traveller’s destination list thanks to its astonishing skyscrapers and modern architecture, long golden-sandy beaches, extremely well developed infrastructure and a massively diverse population with over 200 nationalities and more tourists visiting annually. The list of popular tourist destinations within the UAE is a never-ending one, whether you’re planning on visiting the world’s tallest building, or dining in the sky. Most of these attractions are very common. However, did you ever consider going off the typical scenic itinerary and looking to discover hidden gems in the UAE? Whether you are planning on visiting the UAE, or live and work here, this article is going to uncover six must visit hidden gems for you. Complete your flight booking now and get ready for an extraordinary travel itinerary!

Wadi Shees and Shees Park, Sharjah

Shees Park is located on the Khorfakkan road and is an estimated one hour drive from Sharjah. One of the unique aspects of this park is how it is located between tall mountain ranges, providing unique naturistic views. Inaugurated in the year 2020, the park includes a wide array of palm trees, a collection of native plants, game areas and shaded seating areas for families to have picnics and barbecues during their visit. Moreover, the location is also known for its outdoor theatre, capable of seating 70 people. Entering the Shees valley allows visitors to enjoy walking through a scenic route, hiking trail, an old village, local farms with native crops as well as beautiful palm trees serving as excellent locations for photography, relaxation and recreation with friends and families.

Moon Lake, Qudra, Dubai

Moon Lake is located in the middle of the Qudra desert in Dubai. It is best advised to use a 4x4 car to visit the location. The area is famous for providing a rather serene experience to the visitors, thanks to the quiet desert as well as the local wildlife surrounding the lake. Moon Lake is located quite close to the Love Lake in Al Qudra and is a symbol of the Islamic culture, which relies on the moon for the Islamic calendar. One of the most unique aspects and the reason behind why this lake is a must visit spot is how visitors are more often than not able to sight the Arabian Oryx, which habitats the region as a part of the conservation efforts of the country.

Snoopy Island, Fujairah

Located off the coast of Fujairah and a two-hour hour drive from Dubai, Snoopy Island is a must visit destination for snorkelers and professional divers, making it one of the best kept secrets of UAE. Situated at 100 meters from the Sandy Beach Hotel of Al Aqah, the crystal clear waters and the beautiful coral reefs have made this destination highly popular and a bucket list destination for party lovers as well. Visitors are often able to shore dive and island dive in the location with perfect conditions on a year wide basis as well as professional diving instructors that are present to assist the visitors at the location. Furthermore, visitors are also provided with access to a wide range of watersport activities at affordable prices as a part of multiple packages at the Sandy Beach Hotel of Al Aqah.

Long Salt Lake, Abu Dhabi

Located in the Al Wathba region in the south of Abu Dhabi, the Long Salt Lake is a must visit gem requiring a certain level of off-roading with an SUV. These salt lakes provide an aesthetic vibe of beautiful emerald rivers in the form of salt crusts, which gives the visitors a Nordic Fjord vibe. In addition to this unique destination, visitors are also able to view the fossil dunes of the Al Wathba region. Specifically, the salt formations, which close the banks of these emerald rivers, are a magnificent site to view in the region of Abu Dhabi with opportunities for tourists to unwind, relax, camp as well as indulge in other activities.

Buhais Geological Park, Sharjah

With a panoramic views of Jebel Buhais, the Geological Park in Sharjah is a part of the Environmental Protected Areas Authority Project in Sharjah, providing visitors with the opportunity to examine local rocks and fossils in the region, serving as a central hub as well as an exhibition centre to provide educational experiences for the visitors. Buhais Geological Park is a highly interesting location to visit, since it provides visitors with the ability to access restaurants, gift shops, mosques, children's play area, outdoor gardens as well as transportation for visitors. The location periodically conducts workshops and other fun activities, making it a must visit for young travellers

Al Rafisa Dam, Khorfakkan

Based in the beautiful mountain ranges of Khorfakkan, the Al Rafisa Dam in Sharjah is famous for the beautiful and tranquil green landscape, waterfalls as well as a serene location that it offers to the visitors who can stop by at the rest area. Initially built in the 1980s, the Rafisa Dam has multiple boating facilities and a seating area offering activities to visitors of all generations. A newly opened cafe and prayer rooms also allow the visitors to ensure that they are able to view the magnificent Hajar mountains and are able to explore the long walkway with multiple palm trees and plants that can be seen in the area surrounding the dam, which offers a one of-a-kind experience for visitors in the UAE.

Make the most of this Eid Al Adha break with fun activities and exploration trips around the UAE, for it has a lot, more to offer than you could ever imagine. Take the time to indulge on an adventure where modernity and culture meet, for adventures are the greatest teachers.

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