Time Trader: How Arron Honzik is disrupting the luxury watch industry


Published: Tue 24 May 2022, 4:43 PM

What constitutes the individuality of a person? Certainly what people say, what they think, and what separates them from others and makes them unique in some sense. Many philosophers, however, have noted that what a person does actually reveals their true essence more than what they say. Going one level deeper, as it is one of the most important decisions a person makes, how a person spends their money further reveals who they are. Throughout history and for individuals across all economic classes, collector items, culturally significant products, and luxury goods have always been and always will be important status as well as personality symbols.

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Watches in particular are a rare product in the sense that they are not only a widely popular luxury good, but they are also a collector's item with a long history of cultural significance. Watches are some of the most intimate pieces of jewellery a person can buy, being worn every day and often times being passed down from generation to generation. In fact, many individuals view their primary watch selection as a fashion statement as well as a true reflection of their personality. Further, there are thriving communities of enthusiasts connecting over brands, styles, and more. In addition to their cultural cache and generational significance, watches serve a highly useful function by telling time, cardinal direction, and much more. Of course, watches are intricately connected to the history of timekeeping and clockmaking, arguably one of the most important inventions in the history of mankind.

In addition to its societal significance, the watch industry is prosperous and growing. Experts predict the global luxury watch market will generate a cumulative growth opportunity worth $61.39 billion between 2021 and 2027, with Europe as the largest market.

Founded by Arron Honzik, Time Trader is Europe’s leading full-service luxury watch boutique and experience, disrupting the industry with its unique focus on traditional luxury watches, intimate experiences, and new-age tactics. While Time Trader has an influential and popular online presence, the multi-million-pound business facilitates the most unique and intimate luxury watch shopping experience in the world.

Located at Acklam Hall, a restored mansion house in Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England, the Time Trader’s headquarters is a marvel to behold. The grounds embody opulence, as the grand setting is an ideal place for a highly elegant and unique experience. The UK-based luxury watch boutique has its showroom located at the top of the mansion house where they offer a wide assortment of luxury watches from Rolexes to Richard Milles to APs to Philippe Patek and more. To maximise the comfort of their loyal patrons, Time Trader only schedules two appointments at one time, ensuring intimacy and privacy. Of course, the Time Trader team is more than equipped to sell, buy, service, and restore all luxury watches. Following their consumer’s preferences, Time Trader is an industry expert in Rolexes with one of the best product inventories and the most knowledgeable experts in the industry ready to help buyers make informed decisions. Illustrating their versatility, Time Trader is also a popular retailer in custom diamond jewellery, making bespoke rings and pieces for their clients.

Individuals who visit the Time Trader mansion will have an experience they will never forget, an intentional decision made by Honzik. With plenty of outdoor space and numerous rooms to explore, buyers can relax on the grounds or take advantage of the Time Trader amenities. Time Trader offers premium cigars, high-quality spirits and beers at their on-site bar, first-rate cologne, and other fine amenities. Additionally, Tomahawk Steakhouse is located on the ground level where Time Trader consumers can enjoy a complimentary meal, a cold glass of Champagne, and take in the ambiance before or after finding their dream watch. This unparalleled experience can be found nowhere else but with Time Trader at their mansion.

Due to their focus on high-quality luxury watches and unique attention to the shopping experience as well as their ability to find an authentic online voice, Time Trader has quickly become a favourite of celebrities, athletes, movie stars, musicians, and high-profile business people. Time Trader is especially able to accommodate these individuals not only because of their industry-leading luxury watch selection and particularly lavish grounds, but also because of their VIP chauffeur service. Time Trader’s VIP chauffeur service will pick up individuals at the airport and chauffeur them to the Time Trader mansion where they can book a completely private, amenity-filled, shopping experience.

The story of Time Trader’s inception is the perfect microcosm and illustration of Honzik’s perseverance, passion, genuine love for luxury watches, and entrepreneurial savvy. Honzik was unfortunately involved in a traumatic road traffic accident in 2016. After firefighters had to cut Honzik from underneath his car, he was rushed to the hospital’s intensive care unit to be treated for life-threatening injuries. Six days after being medically induced into a coma, Honzik finally woke up. Unfortunately, upon waking, Honzik was informed by the doctors that he would most likely never walk again. Despite the tragic news, Honzik received a surprise blessing. On the hospital bed, Honzik was informed that his fiancé was pregnant with their first child. With the prospect of being paralysed as well as with fatherhood on the horizon, Honzik’s life had completely altered in just a few short days.

During the second month of his ten-month hospitalisation, Honzik was gifted a book by his father-in-law called 'The Rolex Report: An Unauthorised Reference Book for the Rolex Enthusiast'. Understandably, as Honzik read this book during an integral time in his life, ripe with reflection, 'The Rolex Report' sparked Honzik’s love of horology. Inspired by Elon Musk’s quote about how anyone could become a person of value in a matter of months by learning any skill you want for free on youtube, Honzik would pass his free time by avidly consuming online videos and articles about the history of watches, the art of watchmaking, as well as market prices and trends.

Eventually, Honzik became inspired to purchase a watch from his hospital bed, a classic Rolex Daydate reference 18238 to be exact. As Honzik was already worried about how he would be able to maintain a professional career with his new injury, he got creative. Realising that he could use the internet, particularly Facebook, to advertise and sell the watch, Honzik had an epiphany about a new potential profession. Upon successfully selling the watch for a profit, Honzik knew to follow his gut.

Almost a year after the accident, Honzik was finally discharged from the hospital and started Time Trader immediately. After coming up with the idea for the business in the hospital, Honzik has now successfully turned Time Trader into a multi-million-pound industry-disrupting company with international acclaim.

In addition to the company's brilliant branding and incredible offerings, the Time Trader's success can be partially attributed to Honzik's trusted team of family members, his cousin, Grant Honzik, and his father. One of the reasons Honzik has been able to build this incredible company so quickly and execute his vision for an intimate luxury watch buying experience is due to the support from his family and the atmosphere of a family-run business.

Despite starting his professional career as a Mcdonald's employee and despite experiencing a devastating physical tragedy, Honzik has successfully grown Time Trader into Europe’s favourite luxury watch boutique experience. Honzik's perseverance, entrepreneurial savvy, sincere passion for watchers, as well as his family’s support leave a tangible effect on the Time Trader business and mansion -- keeping the experience sincere, unique, and intimate. We cannot wait to see how Honzik and the Time Traders team continue to grow their business and disrupt the luxury watch industry.

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