TikToker Rahil Reehan on capitalising social media trends and opportunities

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Reehan believes that aspiring social media creators must optimise all possible opportunities in their niches to reach the next level of success

By Belal Tarique

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Published: Fri 16 Dec 2022, 10:35 AM

It is amazing to see how a few individuals and professionals ensure to not blindly follow the paths trodden by many others, instead creating their own unique path to get to their next level of success and growth in their respective sectors. It is all the more amazing to notice how these individuals make sure to never leave an opportunity untouched to stay their best versions and inspire many other budding talents to be the same in all that they ever choose to do in their journeys. The world has already moved to digital, and in the last few years, people have seen the rise of too many talented beings like Rahil Reehan, who have shown how social media can be optimised to reach the right audience by serving the right kind of content.

Reehan (@rahil_reehan) now wants budding talents in social media to make the most of the digital trends and opportunities and challenge themselves as digital creators to broaden their perspectives and outlook and gain a prominent name in their chosen niches. Though he agrees that saying this seems much easier than it actually is, he also knows how with choosing to walk in sync with the changing trends in one’s industry can help creators achieve their desired audience and hence the success they seek.

The much-talked-about TikToker, who has an increasing number of fan and follower base across his socials, is known for his style and for supporting the Afghanistan cricket team; however, he is more known for how well he optimises opportunities on social media through his live streams, which are extremely popular and his content that showcases his passion for his work.

He says that rising digital creators much go beyond optimising opportunities and create newer possibilities for them to see how far they can go as professionals and how well they can create compelling content around their niches.

Belal Tarique is the Content Strategist at Teamology Softech and Media Private Limited

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