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Published: Thu 21 Oct 2021, 9:00 AM

Last updated: Mon 21 Mar 2022, 4:54 PM

October is World Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Whilst the “pink” campaign could be associated with females, it is a disease that can affect males too, although this is rarer with less than one per cent of all breast cancer occurring in men.

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So, what can we do to protect ourselves, and our families? We spoke to the team for an insurance angle.

“Whilst cancer is classed as a ‘dread disease’, medical advances mean it is not necessarily terminal,” commented Rachel Al Mughairi, chief engagement officer at

“Whilst good medical insurance is always advised, we encourage people to also think about products that bring immediate financial peace of mind, such as Critical Illness Plans. Their aim is to support you by paying a post-diagnosis lump sum: money that can be used to cover monthly expenses, lost income whilst you recover, or even a ‘bucket list’ activity you’ve always wanted to do in your lifetime,” she added.

Talking of life, what about Life Insurance? “With serious medical conditions, it’s inevitable that people think about providing for their dependents in the event of premature death,” said CEO Avinash Babur.

“Our view is that you should approach protection throughout life and afterwards, and whilst Critical Illness will take care of you whilst living, you should still arrange Life insurance to help support your loved ones later. Simple Term Assurance starts from as little as Dh7 per month for around Dh100,000 cover, and even higher limits of Dh1million+ are far more affordable than you think at typically less than Dh50 per month,” he added.

They say health is wealth and it’s clear you can protect both if you ask the experts at for their help.

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