The Spanish Interprofessional Sheep and Goat Meat Organisation, alongside the Hungarian Organisation of Sheep meat producers, launches a promotional campaign

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Published: Fri 17 Feb 2023, 2:41 PM

Last updated: Fri 17 Feb 2023, 2:43 PM

The Spanish Interprofessional Sheep and Goat Meat Organisation, alongside the Hungarian Organisation of Sheep meat producers, presents ‘Exclusive Lamb&Goat from Europe’ a three-year promotional campaign supported and co-funded by the European Commission, to bring quality meat products of European origin closer to the sector professionals in all the UAE.


Anam Khan

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The launch of the campaign will be held in Dubai, from February 20 to 24, in one of the most exclusive restaurants in the city, Asador de Aranda, through the celebration of a culinary showroom that will host an exclusive menu with lamb and goat products, enhancing and informing on the European origin and quality of its production methods.

Guests will be able to taste and enjoy lamb and goat meat, more specifically from Spain and Hungary, produced with methods that ensure the delivery of the highest quality standards from the EU, as well as respect for the environment and welfare of the animals.

Lunch and dinner menus will be offered during the week, enhancing the value and quality of these meat products from the EU. The event organisers will also offer further information on the purpose and objectives of the European Promotional Campaign. Table tents and QR codes will display information on the European quality production methods, helping to raise awareness of EU-origin products regarding the lamb products that guests will be consuming.

The participating restaurant, Asador de Aranda is a well-known establishment in Dubai, located on Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard, that works with the highest quality products while supporting responsible gastronomy.

The event and campaign will be disseminated by local media as part of the promotional digital campaign of the programme that also operates in Saudi Arabia, Japan and Hong Kong.

EXCLUSIVE lamb and goat from Spain

The EU is one of the most important regions in terms of agri-food production and exports at the world level, including lamb and goat meat products. There are more than 70 million sheep and goats (85 per cent sheep and 15 per cent goats) in the European Union, often reared in economically vulnerable areas such as mountain regions.

Some of the key aspects of the sector include its versatility in terms of crops, livestock and the transport system throughout its territory.

Spain is the leader in Europe in the production of sheep meat which currently exports to more than 70 countries. The Spanish sheep sector is committed to the search for the highest quality, always under the standards of the European Production Model, recognised for being the strictest in the world in terms of quality and food safety.

Hungary is the 12th largest breeder of sheep and goats in the world, and in recent years its production has grown, exporting the great majority of sheep production that is committed to sustainable production methods, animal welfare and boost of rural employment among other actions.

Promotion programme to inform about the European Lamb and Goat sector

Exclusive Lamb&Goat from Europe is a three-year promotion campaign supported by the European Commission and launched by two national lamb and goat associations with the main goal of raising awareness among sector professionals and consumers about the qualities of the European lamb and goat sectors.

Find more information about the project here:

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