The Habits of successful people- Richard Yu & Colin Yurcisin

Overnight success stories of people who went from nothing to running their own Fortune 500 companies are not as inspiring as they might seem. Hearing tales of hopeful entrepreneurs who achieved all their goals overnight does not give those who want to follow in their footsteps a clear blueprint to follow. We reached out to entrepreneurs Richard Yu and Colin Yurcisin to discover the habits of those who have reached success and how to emulate them.

Richard Yu is an online business consultant and founder of an educational institution that helps coaches and consultants organically build their customer base and increase their sales. As a credit expert, Colin Yurcisin helps entrepreneurs reach financial freedom and is the founder of Credit Class, which coaches high-performance entrepreneurs.

Richard Yu and Colin Yurcisin agree that developing good habits is crucial if you hope to reach success. Richard Yu shares that one of the most common habits of successful people is that they take the time to adjust their mindset every day. He explains that those who reach their goals make sure to stay aware of the power of their thoughts and will take the time to develop a positive growth mindset. The growth mindset, Richard Yu explains, embraces learning and sees every setback as an opportunity for growth. According to Colin Yurcisin, successful people are goal-setters, and they will not go into any situation without knowing exactly what they are hoping to achieve. He shares that knowing your end goal gives you purpose and direction and creates a clear path to success.

Although there is no magic formula for achieving success, Richard Yu and Colin Yurcisin believe that learning about the achievements of others and the steps they took to reach them will always be helpful. Starting with simple habits that you can adopt is one of the fastest ways to follow in the footsteps of successful people.

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