The dawn of effortless influencer marketing: UAE’s new tech unicorn

Hypesociety's platform revamps the influencer marketing industry by making things simpler and more structured

By Maria Williams

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Published: Fri 1 Dec 2023, 12:19 PM

Last updated: Fri 1 Dec 2023, 12:22 PM

Hypesociety, a ground-breaking startup from the UAE, has announced its new platform that effortlessly links brands with influencers.The platform aims to transform the industry by facilitating connections, pinpointing potential collaborations, and rooting out fraudulent behavioor.

Influencer marketing works

Businesses have long capitalised on the reach of platforms like Google, Instagram, and Facebook, but the personalised touch of influencer marketing takes credibility and consumer trust to unprecedented heights.

Hypesociety aims to change the influencer marketing space. It tackles common challenges like fake followers, lengthy communication, and complex management issues. Currently, the platform primarily focuses on Instagram and TikTok, with plans to expand to more platforms.

Why influencer marketing is challenging for advertisers

Fraud is a significant hurdle, as some influencers boast huge followings that turn out to be fake. This eats into the return on investment (ROI) because marketing efforts are wasted on botted audiences that don't engage.

Additionally, launching and managing campaigns can be tricky. The current system requires time and effort — finding the right influencers, communicating with them, negotiating deals, creating detailed plans, and handling various payment methods and invoices. And with each influencer added, the campaign gets exponentially more complex.

One of the founders, Daniel, highlights the fact that the platform cuts the average time spent on a campaign from 80 hours to only two minutes. This saves time and significantly reduces the costs involved in managing influencer marketing.

Also, smaller companies often get left behind in influencer marketing because they need big budgets or more staff. They need help to keep up with the bigger brands, especially in getting influencers to promote their products.

Difficulties negotiating a brand deal

Handling brand deals can be challenging for influencers, who are predominantly content creators. While they love their craft, the commercial aspects (like negotiation) often pose challenges.

Payment is also a major pain point for influencers. It's stressful to figure out the right promotional content price and ensure they get paid on time after the campaign. Asking for too much can scare off brands, while asking for too little means they undercharge.

Additionally, small influencers can be great for brands but are often overlooked. They might not have managers, but advertising through them can be really profitable. There are a lot of these micro-influencers, and they represent an untapped goldmine.

Hypesociety's solution: connecting brands and influencers

Hypesociety offers an intuitive, efficient, and transparent solution. It allows influencers and brands to connect directly, cutting out the middleman and enhancing collaboration between both parties.

For influencers, hypesociety has a system that takes away the stress of late or missing payments. It holds onto the money and ensures payments are made quickly after checking if 'the job is done'.

For advertisers, hypesociety's platform tackles bot followers by having its algorithms carefully check for and scan followers that are bots, so its clients are getting an accurate representation of a campaign’s potential reach. This ensures advertisers pay for a real audience, and can avoid artificially inflated follower counts.

Hypesociety also simplifies the entire journey, from discovering the right influencers to streamlining varied payment methods. The platform incorporates a step-by-step assistant for campaigns, making influencer marketing an accessible strategy for businesses and influencers of all sizes.

Hypesociety's platform revamps the influencer marketing industry by making things simpler and more structured. It lets users create campaigns for businesses of all sizes and budgets, becoming an essential link between influencers and advertisers.

The platform can be found on the AppStore for Apple and the Google Play store for Android today.

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