Team Mohamed's are dominating the game in Guyana and the Caribbean


Published: Mon 18 Apr 2022, 2:00 PM

Motorsport is not new and has been around for decades. However, it has exploded in popularity in recent years due to many countries increasingly taking the sport seriously and investing resources and attention on par with other sports. Thanks to increased participation in international races and road racing events, the global motorsport scene has never been bigger. Many athletes are putting their money into this sport and are already reaping the benefits by competing in international tournaments. Today, many major teams are entering this zone in search of profitable opportunities, but one team that has gotten a lot of notice recently is Guyana-based Team Mohamed's, which has surprised racing circuits.

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Team Mohamed’s is one of the top professional racing teams in the Caribbean. The team has a fleet of some powerful cars, including three GTRs, whose horsepower ranges from 2,000hp to 2,500hp. These are super-fast cars and hold an undefeated record in races throughout Guyana and the Caribbean. The team recently added more cars to the racing fleet in a bid to increase their competitive edge.

Team Mohamed’s has also been responsible for developing racing overall around the country. Their major focus has been on growing racing as a sport in all dimensions. As a result, they have developed the race track and infrastructure at the South Dakota Circuit. Over the years, they have pumped millions into developing Guyana's racetrack, helping construct pavilions, washroom facilities, and imported modern equipment, including carrying out track maintenance. Essentially, they have been doing everything they can to make the sport more competitive and versatile in Guyana.

To bring a competitive edge to Guyana's racing scene, the team is leveraging overseas networks to hire top racing drivers from the US, Canada, England, and other countries to take part in the races. Their biggest target is to develop the infrastructure to race cars in Guyana and possibly export their talent to other parts of the world. Their passion and dedication for the sport have seen the team dig deep into their personal finances and human resources to upgrade Guyana's motorsports facilities.

Besides racing, Team Mohamed's are also equally active in supporting and sponsoring other sports like football, basketball tournaments, etc. The goal is to grow the Guyana sports economy and help others make a living off their talents.

"We encourage people’s desire to grow continually, setting new goals after every accomplishment. Unlike what some people might believe, growth does not always need to be monetary. It should be more than money to expand your knowledge and experience for more greatness. Sharpening your skills and enriching your knowledge will place you in a better position to move at speed with the many changes in the business landscape. Having the right team to prepare, plan, and execute your goals is critical for success in the drag racing world. Preparing is the key to winning and is the foundation of any race, whether racing or in life," the team explained.

The future is undoubtedly bright for Team Mohamed’s as they continue improving the state of racing in Guyana. The goal is to be one of the top professional racing teams in the world, competing with other top teams from various countries.

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