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Alfred, brand mascot of
Alfred, brand mascot of

Published: Thu 26 Jan 2023, 9:00 AM

This week saw the start of the year of the rabbit, so our minds turned to all things animal. We all know the saying ‘a dog is man’s best friend’, but whether you delight in dog ownership, or crave having a cat a home, what do you do when your best friend falls sick? We asked the experts at for their thoughts and advice.

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Rachel Al Mughairi, chief engagement officer at, said: “Animal ownership has been enjoying a resurgence post-pandemic, and increasingly, people are getting back into having pets at home. With proven holistic benefits, such as reducing stress levels and increasing physical fitness, dogs are particularly popular but can cost significant sums to care for properly. It’s vital to vaccinate against common diseases and prevent acquired conditions, so be prepared to pay for your pet.”

Avinash Babur, CEO,, added: “Sadly many pet owners aren’t aware of the costs of pet ownership until it’s too late and without insurance, can find themselves struggling financially as well as emotionally to care for their furry friend. A sad statistic is that a third of all pets require some form of medical treatment during the course of the year, and so a good pet insurance really is a must-have to cover those unforeseen circumstances. Pet cover is now readily accessible and surprisingly affordable too, so we urge all pet owners to avoid delay, and insure their pets from day one. It’s important to remember that insurance, however, can’t cover everything, so regular welfare checks are critical too.”

So, the message is clear: Get pet insurance from to give your pet the protection of insurance and yourself vital reassurance that you can care for them if the worst happens.

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