Talabat supports humanitarian needs in Palestine

Customers in the UAE can also donate directly through the platform

Talabat, a leading food and grocery delivery app, announced an initiative to raise awareness and funds for humanitarian needs in Palestine.

The organisation is using its platform as a vehicle for support, through which every order placed on its app for an entire day on May 27, and across all its markets, will contribute towards humanitarian relief efforts in Palestine. In the UAE, all donations will be made to the World Food Programme, the largest humanitarian agency fighting hunger, to deliver food assistance to those affected in Palestine.

Customers in the UAE can also donate directly through the platform by searching for virtual charity 'World Food Programme' on the Talabat app and selecting the "Aid for Palestine" category. 

In addition, through its employee giving back programme, Talabat employees can choose to voluntarily give up a portion of their salaries, which will be topped up by Talabat. All proceeds will go towards primary supplies, such as food parcels and food assistance to the communities on the ground.

Tomaso Rodriguez, Talabat chief executive officer, stated: "The world has been witnessing a humanitarian crisis at present, and we believe it is our duty, as people and as an organisation, to stand for humanity and lend a helping hand to the Palestinians in need of humanitarian support. With support from our long-standing partner, the World Food Programme, we are raising awareness, and together with our community we are providing financial support to humanitarian relief efforts in Palestine."

Jeremy Doutte, vice president of Talabat, added: "It is of great importance for us to stand with the affected Palestinian community. Being able to utilise our platform to support humanitarian causes is an integral pillar of our corporate responsibility, using tech for good. And by connecting our customers to trusted charities, we are facilitating philanthropy and allowing safe donations through the talabat app. We are grateful for the generous support our virtual charity initiatives have received in the past and we are looking forward to supporting Palestine together through this region-wide initiative."

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