Survey2Connect’s Customer Experience Software headlines CX Evolve event at Riyadh


Published: Thu 13 Apr 2023, 11:43 AM

Last updated: Thu 13 Apr 2023, 12:21 PM

Survey2Connect's Customer Experience Software was the headline of the CX Evolve event in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The software solution created a buzz among attendees of the event, which was organised by the Khaleej Times. CX Evolve is aimed at bringing together industry leaders to discuss innovative strategies for improving customer experience. The event was attended by CX professionals in the region and amidst all the discussions about CX, Survey2Connect showcased its expertise in reimagining the customer experience for brands and government agencies.

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Survey2Connect’s Customer Experience suite, which enables brand to collect feedback from customers and turn them into actionable insights, grabbed a lot of attention from CX professionals who were drawn to the platform’s wide range of features to gather feedback from customers, including conversational surveys, omnichannel collection, and voice of customer programs.

Survey2Connect's CX suite for measuring customer satisfaction, loyalty, and engagement was a crowd favourite. The DIY platform has always been hailed by users for being simple to adapt and navigate around. Customisable feedback collection suite helps businesses ask the right questions to get the desired feedback from their customers. The CX tool allows brands and businesses to create customer engagement and customer feedback surveys. With a vast list of industry specific as well as purpose specific templates, brands can create a feedback collection program in minutes. Survey2Connect’s feedback collection tool is also packed with 20+ logics, making feedback collection engaging and intuitive. Attendees also took note of the platform's customer engagement features, such as personalised surveys and white labelling, that help businesses build stronger personal relationships with their customers.

With creation made easy, Survey2Connect also makes feedback collection easy. The omnichannel support ensures that brands can connect with them at different touchpoints of the customer journey and communicate on their preferred communication channels, including email, SMS, WhatsApp, social media, offline, and more. API triggers allow brands to integrate feedback collection with their platform, further boosting their VOC programme. The platform also allows brands to leverage global audience panels to conduct exhaustive market and brand research. Brands in the region have leveraged this feature to refine their upcoming products further. Survey2Connect also makes offline and kiosk feedback collection easy with support for offline collection.

The intuitive dashboard gives you a glimpse into your customer feedback data. The modern and engaging visuals give visual representation of what your customers think of a brand/business. Survey2Connect's dashboard is designed to provide businesses with a comprehensive view of their customer feedback and data in a user-friendly and customisable format. Key features of the dashboard include data visualisations such as charts and graphs, which make it easy for businesses to understand their customer feedback and data quickly. The dashboard provides real-time updates on customer feedback and data, enabling businesses to identify and respond to emerging trends and issues promptly. Brands can also deep dive into data analysis with features such as NPS, C-SAT analysis, key driver analysis, and sentiment analysis. The customisable dashboard further enhances insights with customisable visuals.

With years of experience in helping companies enhance their customer experience, Survey2Connect has worked with industry leaders across all segments, including industries such as automotive, insurance, real estate, banking, government agencies, and more. With more than 3M+ feedback collected on the platform, and SOC 2 compliant, Survey2Connect has become the go-to Customer Experience software partner for organisations across the Middle East. The presence of local data centers in the region also make Survey2Connect a data-compliant and safe choice for agencies and organisations in the UAE.

As a leading provider of customer experience solutions in the region, Survey2Connect's presence at CX Evolve Riyadh further solidified its reputation for delivering innovative and effective solutions that drive growth for businesses. Their extensive customer experience software allows businesses to tailor their experience as per their customer’s needs. The enterprise software is customised to solve the CX challenges of a business.

Businesses have become digital and digital marketplaces mandate that brands remain agile and adapt to changing customer demands. This means customer retention becomes all the more important. As much as brands focus on customer acquisition, they equally focus on customer retention and reducing customer churn. This requires brands to be in sync with their customer. VOC and customer feedback programmes are the best way to understand what your customers think of a particular brand and what is expected out of them. Survey2Connect makes feedback collection easy and brings actionable insights directly to the brands. You can read more about Survey2Connect’s Customer Experience Software and understand how businesses can leverage the data to make informed decisions.

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