Stuck — A digital film to spread awareness

A film from Dubai Science Park tackles a medical concern through a short film in cinemas


Strategically aligned with Dubai’s vision of creating a world-class healthcare industry, Dubai Science Park is the Middle East’s leading science and healthcare business community, home to more than 400 companies in fields such as biotechnology and healthcare among others, employing over 4,000 professionals.

This summer, Dubai Science Park has launched a campaign supporting a serious medical concern in the Middle East that is prevalent but is not spoken about enough.

The campaign is initiated through a short film in cinemas across the UAE.

The film, a centerpiece of the campaign, goes against the trend of short format and entertaining films by taking audiences through an uncomfortable experience when they are out in the world, relatively unrestricted, but are stuck on a seat in a cinema, relatively restricted.

Through the experience, people have expressed anxiety, restlessness, tension, claustrophobia and feeling constricted – even, frustrating at what they see and hear on the screen – until the turn, when the reason behind the film and the topic that Dubai Science Park is creating awareness for, are revealed.

Beyond the film, there are educational social videos and promoted posts online (including a website) on how to effectively identify the symptoms that lead to the condition, a social media challenge, workshops, radio content, and activations to make this important topic, prominently featured, talked about and understood.

The campaign is created in partnership with Neuro Spinal Hospital, Ottobock and Roxy Cinemas, and has been conceptualised by McCann Health Middle East.

You can watch it here:

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