Social media: An outlet for creativity, says Daniel Chand

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Published: Thu 14 Oct 2021, 12:46 PM

Social media has changed life both for the better and for the worse. Although the jury is still out on this, for Daniel Chand, an ex-English boxer turned evangelist, it has the potential to impact lives positively. Here’s why.

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Enable wider connection

This aspect of social media was most evident during the recent pandemic. Chand says, “I believe that the effects of the pandemic would have been far worse if we did not find support and practical help as many did thanks to social media. I don’t have to expound much here, obviously, but the point is that social media can be a force of good in the world when dealt with intelligently and cautiously.”

Access to unlimited practical knowledge

The purpose of life is to gain knowledge about who we are and where we are. According to Chand, this is now possible for more people than ever because of the knowledge base developing and growing on different social media platforms. He says, “People are becoming interested in the life of the mind. They are getting stimulated by ideas of self and beyond and are sharing this by the dozen each day. For those who know how to sift the wheat from the chaff, social media can become a source of integrated knowledge.”

Develop new hobbies

Unlike our predecessors, who engaged with their minds and hearts because they had time, our generation finds ways to run away from such endeavours. While it’s worth lamenting, Chand believes that “developing new hobbies is a great way to get back in touch with ourselves, and that’s something that social media has enabled to a really large extent. From baking, gardening, painting, writing, and more, people have found both purpose and meaning in their lives with new hobbies.”

Find like-minded people and groups

Whether the world is harsh or not depends on the choices made by us humans. For most people, our collective decisions have made the world less bearable, and people often turn to social media “to find a sense of belongingness and friends. While there are as many cases of malpractice due to this, there are also instances when people’s lives turned around because of their online peers and guides.”

Outlet for creativity

For Chand, “There’s never been a better time for people to be truly creative. With access to thousands of videos that can spark the imagination, people are using social media to express themselves interestingly.”

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