Social entrepreneur Zeeshan Khan highlighted the role of blockchain and AI during COP28 in Dubai

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Published: Tue 19 Dec 2023, 11:38 AM

Last updated: Fri 29 Dec 2023, 3:14 PM

The recently concluded COP28 conference in Dubai witnessed a spotlight on the intersection of technology and sustainability, with social entrepreneur and environmentalist Zeeshan Khan shedding light on the pivotal role of Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence (AI) in climate control strategies.

By Mohsin AL Moharrak

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In an exclusive interview, Khan emphasised the importance of harnessing the power of technology to address global climate challenges. He stated, "Blockchain and AI are not just buzzwords; they are powerful tools that can revolutionise how we approach climate control. By leveraging these technologies, we can enhance transparency, traceability, and accountability in our efforts to build a sustainable future."

Throughout the conference, technical discussions centred around the practical applications of blockchain and AI in monitoring and reducing carbon emissions. Experts highlighted the potential for decentralised, secure ledgers to track and verify environmental data, ensuring that commitments made by nations are met with measurable results.

One of the key points of discussion was the need for incentivising sustainable practices through technology. The integration of blockchain and AI could enable a system of rewards for businesses and individuals adopting eco-friendly measures. This innovative approach aimed to motivate stakeholders to actively participate in climate-friendly initiatives.

Government officials and policymakers at COP28 also unveiled groundbreaking policies focused on sustainability and technology. The introduction of stringent regulations to curb carbon emissions and promote green energy solutions marked a significant step towards achieving environmental targets. The integration of blockchain in these policies aimed to enhance transparency and accountability in enforcing regulations.

Renowned speakers at the conference echoed the sentiment of combining technology and sustainability. Notable figures, including tech leaders, environmentalists, and policymakers, emphasised the urgency of adopting innovative solutions. Among them, Khan's insights resonated as a call to action for a tech-driven approach to environmental conservation.

In conclusion, COP28 in Dubai stands as a testament to the global commitment towards leveraging advanced technologies to combat climate change. Khan's advocacy for the integration of blockchain and AI underscored the potential of these tools in driving positive change. As the conference progressed, the world watched with anticipation as leaders and innovators collaborated to shape a sustainable future.

Mohsin AL Moharrak is a business journalist.

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