Shipra Neeraj encourages young entrepreneurs to never limit themselves in the invisible prison

Published: Tue 30 Aug 2022, 12:18 PM

Last updated: Tue 30 Aug 2022, 12:40 PM

Whenever you feel you have sorted everything, believe in the life to surprise you and prepare you for something bigger. Entrepreneur, Shipra Neeraj's life is full of such career transitions, which shaped her personality and career positively. From being a child suffering from self-doubt to facing a series of health issues, Neeraj has become one of the biggest entrepreneurs in India now, with credit to her dedication and commitment to the process.

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Shipra started her professional career after she shifted to Bangalore along with her husband and joined Infosys. But when they had to move to another city, she started her clothing boutique called Darpan. After tasting success with her clothing business for seven years, she also worked with Satya Paul, a prominent Indian fashion label.

But the biggest career transition happened for Neeraj when she entered the world of direct selling. A friend introduced her to a company named QNet and the $182 billion global industry that was already a billion-dollar business in India. She was impressed by QNet's product offerings and decided to start with an open mind. Her commitment to process again helped her learn, train, and prepare for something new, which eventually helped her garner huge success in the industry.

Her husband and brother watched her blossom into a powerhouse leader. They agreed to work with her to develop the QNet company because of her zeal and success. She is currently recognised as a diamond star, which is Qnet's highest paying level. She plans to become a blue diamond star and increase her income from millions to billions so that she can increase the radius of giving back to society.

Talking about what attracted her to the direct selling industry, Neeraj says: "I loved the concept of direct selling and the underlying philosophy of personal growth, which is an intrinsic part of the direct selling business. The new business gave me a purpose. I was bowled over by the idea that to succeed in this business, you need to help others succeed. This business was not about individual success, but team effort and a phenomenal support system that helped you grow, as you helped others achieve financial freedom along with you."

Giving a piece of beauty advice to young entrepreneurs, Shipra says that they just need to go all out. Shipra tells everyone to never limit themselves within the invisible prison and to never doubt their capabilities. "Life is too short to creep and cry. You have to learn to dance till it rains. Do not just give up whatever comes on your way if you believe in it." she says.

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