Shaping a greener future: OPPO’s innovation on sustainability

Jason Liao, president of the OPPO Research Institute on the brands sustainable innovations

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Published: Fri 22 Dec 2023, 12:42 PM

In an era where the world is rapidly embracing virtual connectivity, with nearly 57 per cent of the global population using mobile internet by the end of 2022[, the environmental impact of smart devices can no longer be overlooked.

OPPO, the fourth-largest smartphone brand globally, is providing a matrix of smart devices’ ecosystem from smartphones to wearables and cutting-edge XR devices. In 2023, this major player in the smartphone market pledged to achieve carbon neutrality across its global operations by 2050, fostering innovative solutions and collaborations. Beyond green product design and low-carbon operations, OPPO supports innovators in creating sustainable solutions through technology.

Making electronic devices greener

As a tech company combating climate change, OPPO integrates sustainable technologies into its products, for example reducing plastic in packages, and extending the smartphone battery lifespans with a self-developed Battery Health Engine, so the smartphones can be used longer to reduce electronic waste. It also aims to raise users’ awareness of sustainability through product details. For example, in ColorOS 14, an Always-On Display feature - GO Green can intuitively show users how walking instead of taking other forms of transport can lead to less CO2 emissions.

Inspiration Challenge empowering startups

However, the path to a sustainable future is fraught with challenges and cannot be achieved alone. Collective efforts need to be made to push the technological boundaries of sustainability, and that’s why OPPO is supporting innovators devoted to green technologies.

“OPPO Inspiration Challenge”, an innovation accelerator initiated by OPPO Research Institute, calls for virtuous innovation technologies from global tech professionals annually. This year, it launched a new category, “Inspiration for the Planet”, targeting green technologies to minimize the environmental impact of electronic product manufacturing or usage. In 2023, 687 proposals from 66 countries and regions were submitted through this initiative, In 2023, 687 proposals from 66 countries and regions were submitted through this initiative, with 40% of them directly related to technologies benefiting climate actions, bringing vitality to green technology solutions.

Among these green technologies, Bluepha, a biotech startup, develops biodegradable natural organic polymer to replace plastic usage for packaging and more scenarios. The startup has been invited by OPPO to exhibit its solution at COP28. With joint support from OPPO and its industry partners, more innovators like Bluepha are now getting opportunities to showcase their climate action ideas on the international stage, raising awareness and making a meaningful impact at the global level.

Envisioning a sustainable future

To achieve carbon neutrality across its operations by 2050, OPPO has a clear strategy in five key areas: low-carbon manufacturing, reducing the carbon footprint of products, investing in options that generate less carbon, utilizing digital technology to manage carbon emissions, and collaborating on industry standards to address climate change.

Acknowledging that sustainability is a collective journey requiring collaboration from all stakeholders, it emphasizes collaborations with ecosystem partners and empowers initiatives that contribute to societal and environmental health.

Aligned with its mission “Technology for Mankind, and Kindness for the World”, OPPO envisions a future shaped by innovation and sustainability.

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