Serial entrepreneur and actor, Hermes Mansour is charting a success story on his own

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Currently, the talented individual is taking his luxury jet ski rental business in Dubai to greater success levels and will soon offer luxury desert adventure as well

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Published: Tue 10 May 2022, 4:58 PM

It is so astounding to know and learn about individuals and professionals working across different industries who put in every possible effort in turning their dreams into reality. For some, it may take even years, but those who work determinedly towards their visions and goals go ahead in creating a unique mark in their respective industry, says Hermes Mansour, the self-made man, serial entrepreneur, and actor, who believed in all his visions and thus went all in, to pursue his purposes in life. Today, he is a rising name in the entrepreneurial and entertainment world, thanks to his passion for his work and his commitment to his craft as a businessman and actor.

Mansour may seem like just another guy from the neighbourhood, but he is definitely beyond that. He has shown what pure skills, innate talents, and love for what one does can take an individual towards his desired growth and success levels, be it in any industry around the world. He is a growing actor from Australia and, with his businesses, has already made his name in Dubai. In 2018, he began working as an entrepreneur. Slowly but steadily, his business picked up pace, and he went ahead in becoming a successful name in Dubai's tourism sector, earning massive revenues and ultimately improving his lifestyle.

To take a step ahead, he even launched a jet ski rental business called 'Luxury Jetski Rentals' in Dubai (@luxuryjetskidubai) and 'Jet Ski Yacht Rental' Dubai in 2022 giving people enhanced experiences for renting, events and experiences. Currently, he is working toward expanding his brand in the tourism sector by soon starting 'Luxury Desert Adventure' in 2022 (@luxurydesertadventure).

Apart from doing all this, Mansour's passion for acting never faded away. His first stint was with Channel Nine with his debut role in 'Underbelly: The Golden Mile' the success of which landed him with multiple other roles and projects on Channel Nine, also featuring on 'Rescue Special Ops'. He earned the opportunity to work along with the top directors in the industry. Today, this gentleman and self-made multi-millionaire has created a lifestyle of his own, surrounded by supercars and much more. To know more, follow him on Instagram @hermesmansoury.

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