Ryan Godinho on building a successful speciality coffee business in UAE

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Published: Wed 8 Feb 2023, 11:11 AM

Last updated: Wed 8 Feb 2023, 11:14 AM

With the rise of coffee shops, coffee roasters and coffee-related events, more people are now exposed to a wider range of coffees. Speciality coffee is in high demand as coffee culture has evolved and people have become more interested in the art and science behind the beverage. Ryan Godinho is the founder and CEO of three leading brands in the UAE, all of which present the broader spectrum of speciality coffee.

By Deepak Jain

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From humble beginnings, Godinho has built a thriving portfolio of businesses that serves the local market and has a solid international presence, gaining recognition for the quality of coffee produced in the UAE.

Godinho's story began just over a decade ago with a passion for coffee and a desire to elevate the cafe standards in the UAE. He saw the potential for growth in this market and a regional gap for a higher quality of coffee and service. Despite the challenges of starting a new business in a somewhat contemporary concept, Godinho began building his coffee empire from the ground up.

In 2011, Godinho established Specialty Batch to primarily serve as a training platform and educational hub for the Middle East for all facets of the coffee chain from farm to the coffee bar. He began roasting and cafe equipment supply a couple of years later and in 2016, launched his flagship cafe Stomping Grounds. Godinho soon added a fully-equipped commercial kitchen to provide his long list of elite customers with Aussie fare and all-day dining options.

Since then, Specialty Batch and Stomping Grounds have won several awards at national and international levels. These include UAE's Best independent speciality café 2020 at the UAE Business Awards 2020, hosted by MEA Markets; Dubai’s best breakfast 2020 at the Time Out Restaurant Awards; and best speciality coffee supplier (UAE) 2022 (Specialty Batch Coffee) at the Global 100 Awards.

A key factor contributing to Godinho's success is his underlying understanding of both B2B and B2C business models within the hospitality segment. He saw tremendous potential for both models in the UAE market and was able to apply his expertise to create businesses that are both sustainable with ongoing customer satisfaction and financially prosperous for many years to come.

In the B2B model, Godinho works with local coffee shops and cafes to provide high-quality coffee beans, ongoing training, coffee bar equipment and support to ensure they serve the best coffee possible. His key focal point has always been consistency and quality. Undoubtedly this has helped Godinho to establish a strong brand as a trusted supplier of speciality coffee in the UAE.

In the B2C model, Ryan has opened multiple restaurant concepts across the UAE, that also offer customers a unique and memorable coffee experience. These shops not only serve as a showcase for the quality of his coffee in various lights but also provide a platform for his business to reach a wider audience and build brand awareness.

Ryan's dedication to quality and commitment to providing the best customer experience has earned him a reputation as a leader in the speciality coffee industry in the UAE.

His businesses have been recognized nationally and internationally for their exceptional quality, and he has become a sought-after speaker on the topic of speciality coffee.

Ryan Godinho’s journey is an inspiration to entrepreneurs who are looking to build a successful business in a competitive market. His unwavering commitment to quality and willingness to take risks have been critical factors in his success, and he continues to push the boundaries of what can be possible in the hospitality industry in the UAE.

In conclusion, Godinho's success story is a testament to the power of passion, dedication, and hard work. By building his businesses from the ground up, Ryan has not only created successful brands but has also made significant contributions to developing the speciality coffee industry within the UAE. He continues to set the bar for excellence in the industry and serves as an inspiration to entrepreneurs everywhere.

Deepak Jain is a freelancer content writer.

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