Robert Nickell talks about how remote teams are the way of the future

Published: Tue 12 Oct 2021, 12:07 PM

2020 was the year remote work took center stage. Many companies started considering or implementing remote work in its early stages. But it really became a full-blown strategy to survive, as lockdowns and restrictions swept the world in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic. A staggering amount of workers have expressed they would like the ability to continue remote work, and with the apparent benefits, companies are also considering it. Here, CEO and founder of Rocket Station, Robert Nickell, shared what he thinks is an effective way to establish an efficient remote team.

"Remote teams are the way of the future," stated Nickell. "Whether large or small, companies are facing the reality that they must be equipped with remote working capabilities." Nickell said that he has helped countless companies build sustainable working strategies, and he explained how to make remote-working a reality in 2021.

Prioritise communication

"Communication is key, especially when it comes to remote teams," said Nickell. "Ensure that your employees are communicating well and have access to each other. Open communication promotes a culture of transparency, and you want everyone working together to be on the same page."

Be clear about goals

"Goals hold people accountable. When goals are set and clear from the beginning, you are creating an atmosphere of accountability, letting success drive itself," stated Nickell. "If you build an environment where people can work with little to no oversight, your employees can complete their tasks from anywhere."

Invest in the right tools

"Technology has been the ultimate catalyst to remote work," explained Nickell. "With the right tools, the set-up for remote teams should lend itself seamlessly to a positive working environment. With the advancements we have in technology today, we have options at our fingertips to expand the traditional boundaries of the office."

Since 2018, Nickell and Station have been building remote teams for several companies, and they believe that they uniquely understand the needs of organisations and employees in the new normal. "Remote work is changing our views on productivity," stated Nickell. "And we are seeing people get more work done more efficiently." By increasing connectivity and promoting morale, Nickell embraced virtual work, setting companies up for success.

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