Revolutionising shoulder care: King's College Hospital Dubai introduces innovative treatment options

Dr Thomas Nau's expertise in minimally invasive techniques sets the stage for transformative treatments

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Published: Fri 1 Mar 2024, 1:41 PM

Shoulder dislocations, a prevalent orthopaedic concern impacting the quality of life for many, now find groundbreaking solutions at King's College Hospital Dubai. Dr Thomas Nau, a highly skilled orthopaedic surgeon specialising in shoulder disorders, leads a team dedicated to providing world-class care with innovative treatment options.

Traditional shoulder dislocation treatments can result in chronic instability and recurrent dislocations, leading to complications like glenoid bone loss. However, advancements in medical technology and surgical techniques are changing the landscape of shoulder care.

Dr Nau's expertise in minimally invasive techniques sets the stage for transformative treatments. One such groundbreaking procedure offered at King's College Hospital Dubai is the minimally invasive bone block procedure. Unlike traditional open surgeries with larger incisions, Dr Nau and his team have refined this technique to ensure faster recovery times and improved patient outcomes.

The bone block procedure involves the insertion of a small camera into the shoulder joint, enabling the surgeon to visualise and prepare the socket for the bone block. The bone block, sourced either from the patient's shoulder or a bone bank, is then inserted through a small incision guided by the camera. Stabilisation is achieved using screws or a specialised device, promoting healing and restoring stability to the joint.

Post-procedure, patients typically wear a brace for about four weeks and undergo a standardised physiotherapy protocol, facilitating a swift recovery. With diligent adherence to postoperative care, most patients can anticipate a full recovery and a return to sports and other activities within three to four months.

Thanks to the combined progress in medical technology and the proficiency of surgeons like Dr Nau, individuals grappling with shoulder dislocations no longer face prolonged discomfort and instability. At King's College Hospital Dubai, innovative treatments like the bone block procedure instil hope for improved outcomes and a faster return to an active lifestyle.

If you or someone you know struggles with shoulder instability, take the first step towards regaining stability and mobility. Schedule a consultation today with the experts at King's College Hospital Dubai.

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