Reinvent yourself by finding people who can support you

Published: Mon 11 Oct 2021, 5:12 PM

“Finding your village”, a term I learned from Bryce Monkivitch, refers to the need to realise that you need the right set people who can support you and guide you on this rough journey of entrepreneurship.

A good village would have mentors, partners, staff, and business connections. Finding this village would take long hours of deliberate searching and sifting, employing and firing, and some heartache, but to make yourself fail-proof, you need to intentionally surround yourself with people you can trust from the top to bottom.

Monkivitch attributes his success in the business to finding the right people at the outset and then, “networking hard” in the USA, Australia, and beyond. Monkivitch’s journey led him to find reliable business partners and mentors that he has cherished for years and who have led him to find a village of employees 2000 strong in the Philippines, far away from where he set out.

The lesson I learned from this and what I hope to pass on is that you can never go far enough to find the comfort that the right village would give you. To reinvent yourself, you have to fortify yourself by surrounding yourself with people of skill, dedication, and loyalty. The right village will not let you fail and will contribute actively to keep you standing.

This is where failure comes in handy. It isn’t any fun when you are experiencing failure or trying to heal from it, but the moment when you have started thriving again, your failure becomes an extremely important tool.

Failure is more common than we care to admit, and this makes it something people can readily identify with. The greatest movies are about characters that rise from some sort of failure or flaw to find success and prestige. The best ads and marketing strategies borrow from this same principle.

Monkivitch’s past as an MMA fighter and athlete has opened many marketing doors for him as it only makes it all the more remarkable that he has built a massive business selling high-end women’s fashion through his Sincere Sally brand. His story has become his weapon just as much as my story has become mine and your story can become yours. Your failure is valuable, milk it for all it is worth.

Reinventing yourself is hard work, it would take a lot from you to rise from the shadows of failure, but when it is done taking from you, it would return an impressive yield if you do it the right way.

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