Reimagining education with Middlesex University Dubai's IFP

Published: Tue 28 Jun 2022, 1:33 PM

With such a diverse range of curriculums across the schooling system in the UAE, it is not surprising that there are multiple pathways available for students to progress to university, each with their own pre-requisites and preconceptions. At Middlesex University Dubai, a perhaps lesser known but equally advantageous route is championed: the International Foundation Programme (IFP). This has proven successful in aiding students in their transition from high school to university, setting them up for a head start when beginning their undergraduate studies and offering a sturdy support network throughout the student journey.

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So, what exactly is IFP? In short, a 30-week programme that students can embark on following their high school studies, which allows them to enter directly into Year 1 of their chosen bachelor’s degree upon completion. Students spend only one year in their pre-university programme as opposed to the two years required in other routes.

Preparing all students for undergraduate study

As many students accessing the IFP are typically under the age of 18, at Middlesex University Dubai there is a notable emphasis on ensuring students are fully prepared for their further studies, as well as bridging the gap between the change in pace from high school to university. Additional support channels such as the Centre for Academic Success (CAS) cover important topics, from readily available academic help through the Academic Enrichment Programme to general health and well-being through the dedicated student support counsellor.

Suzannah Fernandes fulfills the role of under-18’s welfare provider, ensuring younger students have access to specialist staff to discuss their needs and receive personalised advice when it comes to worries such as feeling homesick, experiencing health concerns, and any other feelings a young student may experience during their education journey.

Easing students into campus life

Joining university a year ahead of an undergraduate study programme at Middlesex University Dubai allows students to gain a feeling of comfort and familiarity in what can be an unsettling time. The IFP allows them the opportunity to integrate themselves into student life on campus and get to know their fellow students, as well as navigate their classrooms, facilities like the library and student lounge, and the various other inter-university departments they will come to use.

This is of course an ideal time for students to solidify those friendships that are made so early on and that withstand the test of time throughout the remainder of university and in later life. Many of those friendships will be found on the sports field or in social clubs, which are available in abundance at Middlesex, with all students encouraged to partake as part of the exceptional student experience on offer.

Exploring diverse interests

This particular access route allows IFP students to choose from five specialist pathways on the 180-credit programme: business, law and politics, psychology, arts and media, engineering and computer informatics. This opportunity to explore a wide range of subject areas enables students to take a pathway reflective of their prospective study and career aspirations, encouraging them to take control of their future at an early stage.

This in turn means the industry-leading faculty teaching each discipline will become familiar faces in a student’s timetable, and often will continue to teach them in some capacity throughout their time at undergraduate study.

As well as offering pathway-specific knowledge, the teaching structure focuses on the required skills needed in order to succeed on an undergraduate programme, such as how to compile an assignment or structure a report. Students will be actively involved in a range of participative learning, teaching and assessment approaches as part of the programme, that aim to put students at the centre of their own learning so that they are positively engaged and involved in their education.

Making UK education more accessible

Being a British university, it is only logical Middlesex University Dubai is offering the same foundation programme that is becoming an increasingly popular choice in the UK to both domestic students, as well as international students transitioning into a UK university from abroad. Both are looking for a concise, supportive, and robust pathway to bridge the gap between high school and undergraduate study at university.

It is also worth noting Middlesex’s IFP is a cost-effective route to undergraduate study when considering the duration and cost per year. As a one-year programme totaling only Dh45,570, it is deemed more accessible to a wider pool of students than some costly two-year routes, as well as consistently offering an inclusive approach to undergraduate entry requirements.

Couple this with the wide range of academic scholarships and grants, and flexible payment plans available, and the IFP really is a higher education route accessible by all those working towards a UK undergraduate degree.

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