Psifiako Media launches a campaign against Mental Health


Anam Khan

Published: Thu 18 Aug 2022, 3:08 PM

Last updated: Thu 18 Aug 2022, 3:10 PM

About eight out of 10 people are diagnosed, at some point throughout their life journey with depression and other related mental health problems. But when it comes to discussing these issues, it is still considered taboo, so individuals suffering from depression and other mental problems feel embarrassed to ask for help or to come and speak up about these issues.

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Mental health includes everything in our emotional, psychological, and social well-being. It impacts the way we think, feel, and act. It also aids in deciding how we tackle stress, relate to others, and also make healthy and fair choices. Mental health is quite important at every stage of a person's life, right from childhood and adolescence through adulthood.

There is no particular reason for having a mental illness. Although various factors can be a medium for mental illness, such as early difficult life experiences, trauma or a history of abuse, experiences related to other ongoing (chronic) medical conditions,

To break this taboo and stigma regarding depression and other related mental health issues, Psifiako Media has started a campaign with the tagline #NoOneCaresButWeDo on their social media page, which has about 33 million followers-No One Cares. Satyam Shastri, the founder of the page, feels that with the help of a massive number of followers he has, they can all come forward and break this taboo regarding depression and other related mental health issues.

His object is to make people sensible and aware of the existence of depression and mental health issues while respecting the willpower of the individuals who fight their way out of these every single day. Shastri, the founder, says that their tagline is 'No one cares, but we do'.

He, along with his team, works hard every single day to make sure their campaign is a success and reaches out to more people who are battling these issues so that they can end the stigma associated with these issues.

Nikhil Kale, the founder of Psifiako Media, also believes in the same thing. He says that this campaign aims to reach out to the younger generation of the country and the world at large. He further adds that millennials and Gen-Z are the future of the world. Despite this, they are always overlooked among all.

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