unveils ambitious plans for global expansion

The company invests in state-of-the-art technology and equipment, including infrared thermometers, thermal cameras, and digital anemometers, to ensure that no detail goes unnoticed during its inspections

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Published: Mon 13 May 2024, 6:12 PM

Last updated: Tue 14 May 2024, 2:43 PM

Having established a solid footing in the UAE, the prominent snagging company,, is now gearing up to inaugurate offices in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia by December 2024.

Specialising in property snagging, inspection, and handover services for both new and secondary market properties, boasts a robust presence across all seven emirates presently.

The motivation behind its international expansion is to enhance the technological landscape and propel innovation to new heights, as the brand consistently delivers value to both the industry and society as a whole.

Romaa’l Patel, co-founder, spoke in detail about her expansion plans in detail and said: "With Dubai going through property boom many investors are entering the lucrative market. So whether you’re looking at properties to invest in or you have recently bought a new house, it’s crucial to cast a critical eye when assessing the condition of your property. Minor faults that are easily overlooked during build can create serious problems in the future. From poorly fitted ceilings and floors to other interior issues, these problems may be time-consuming and expensive to address. Snagging has become an essential service for property owners so that they can identify issues early, which could potentially cost them thousands of dirhams in the future. Currently we cover all the seven emirates and we are currently focusing on the solidifying our position as the industry leaders."

Seen echoing the similar sentiments was Thomas Fawcett, co-founder, who said: "Our journey is not just about providing property inspection services; it's about cultivating a culture of excellence that resonates throughout every aspect of our operations. We understand that investing in a property is more than a financial transaction; it's an investment in your future, your security, and your peace of mind. That's why we go above and beyond to ensure that every inspection we conduct reflects our unwavering commitment to excellence."

Elaborating further, Thomas added: “With a team of qualified snagging engineers who are not just experts in their field but also passionate about what they do, we bring a level of dedication and attention to detail that is unmatched. Our inspectors undergo rigorous training and certification processes, ensuring that they are equipped with the knowledge, skills, and expertise needed to deliver exceptional results." property snagging inspections meticulously inspect and report properties on the following parameters: Plastering and drylining, external works, driveway and garden, electrical systems, AC and plumbing, fans and ventilation, painting and decorating, windows and doors and carpentry and stairs.

The company invests in state-of-the-art technology and equipment, including infrared thermometers, thermal cameras, and digital anemometers, to ensure that no detail goes unnoticed during its inspections.

Furthermore, our processes have been meticulously crafted with our clients' needs at the forefront, ensuring transparency, efficiency, and reliability throughout. From scheduling inspections to delivering reports, we strive to streamline the entire process, making it as seamless and stress-free as possible for our clients.

What truly distinguishes us, however, is our unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. We recognise that each client is unique, with their own distinct needs, preferences, and concerns. Hence, we dedicate time to actively listen and comprehend our clients' specific requirements, customising our services to suit their individual needs.

Whether you're a homeowner, landlord, developer, or tenant, can be relied upon to deliver outstanding results, ensuring that your property adheres to the highest standards of quality and safety. With us at your service, you can trust that your investment is in capable hands, enabling you to focus on enjoying your property with confidence and peace of mind.

It's worth noting that Bollywood star Suneil Shetty recently honoured us at a prestigious ceremony in Dubai, recognising us as the best snagging company for our dedication and efforts. is already proving to be a significant force not only in Dubai’s real estate market but also across the UAE, fostering excellence and exceeding expectations to promote customer satisfaction.

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