Post pandemic – global MBA programmes still matter

Published: Wed 22 Jun 2022, 4:53 PM

Last updated: Wed 22 Jun 2022, 4:55 PM

The Covid-19 pandemic triggered a tectonic shift in the traditional education system, compelling all stakeholders to think and adopt beyond the ordinary. During the pandemic years, many business opportunities dried, resulting in significant job losses, thus making business schools re-imagine the way forward to prepare students for a post pandemic new world order. Continuous experimentation by B-school leadership teams led to re-thinking MBA, aligned more towards adopting to a new normal. Amidst these continuous changes, it became imperative to think, how a global business management programme can prepare graduates in the post pandemic business world.

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Dr Arindam Banerjee, assistant dean (GMBA and MGB), SP Jain School of Global Management
Dr Arindam Banerjee, assistant dean (GMBA and MGB), SP Jain School of Global Management

Global business programmes come with significant advantages. It starts with preparing graduates with a keen understanding of the globally diverse cultural nuances. Embracing culture is a necessary element of a successful global business leader. Every nation provides a variety of cultural norms that need to be embedded in the business programme curriculum. Global business leaders need to access the varying cultures and adapt to the same in alignment with the local business needs. Appreciation towards global cultures in turn helps in knowing global markets in a better way. Thus, global business programmes attempt to focus on how business leaders function, not only to learn the relevance and impact of global cultures on business, but also how they can apply these in varying business strategies. Thus, a global business programme effectively enables participants to prepare and ask the appropriate questions to the business community on how business can be done across different geographies.

Another important learning experience from a global programme relates to developing a sense of stepping outside one’s comfort zone. Working with a global team fosters a cross-cultural learning experience. One way, a global business programme achieves this is by forging global collaborations across various business verticals. These collaborations help to increase students’ global learning experience and strengthens their CV value, thus, bringing more visibility towards potentials recruiters. Collaborations lead to participants engaging in real life projects in a related field that is geographically dispersed. In these projects, participants apply different business strategies to solve the global business challenges. Such experiences can result in broadening one’s skewed mindset and think differently through developing an unbiased mindset.

The new normal would result in creation of newer business opportunities across different geographies, and engaging in a global network of business communities would enhance the possibility of being part of these opportunities. Global business programmes help students to unlock the network of global alumni in addition to its globally recognised professors and teaching staff. These connections benefit students in a variety of ways, such as tapping into new skills, new opportunities and an extended knowledge base. One of the key features of a global business programme hinges on the practical curriculum that intends to prepare students for the new world order, filled with real world business challenges through a case study-based approach. Global case studies help to mimic real world problems in a simulated environment, thus pushing students to think beyond the ordinary and develop varied perspectives of a given problem. This approach leads to the development of a global mindset that prepares them to take on the new world order. A global business programme can help in securing management roles in companies beyond the boundaries of the host country, thus expanding one’s global footsteps.

Eventually, what does all this lead to? A global business programme opens up doors towards endless possibilities in the new world order, leading participants to take a step that is closer towards their life’s aspirations, both in terms of self-recognition and financial benefits.

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