Pioneering new cultural initiative to showcase Egyptian cinema globally

Visionary creative director Arkan Gahramy to highlight Egypt’s rich cinematic legacy

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Published: Thu 6 Jun 2024, 5:59 PM

Last updated: Fri 7 Jun 2024, 10:30 AM

In an exciting new cultural venture, 'Cinéma D'Egypte', led by the esteemed creative director and AI expert Arkan Mohamed Safwat Gahramy, is set to launch on June 9. This innovative platform aims to introduce the vibrant and storied tradition of Egyptian cinema to a global audience, capitalising on Dubai's reputation as a hub of creativity and innovation.

Born in Giza, Egypt, Gahramy has been at the forefront of the design and AI industry since 2011. With a deep-seated passion for blending technology with art, Gahramy's latest project aims to curate and present the richness of Egyptian film and artistry through a modern lens. The project will feature weekly broadcasts and regular social media interactions to engage audiences worldwide in the unique narrative and aesthetic beauty of Egyptian cinema.

Cinéma D'Egypte is not just a showcase but an interactive platform where film enthusiasts, artists, and the curious can explore the depths of Egyptian cinematic culture. The project will debut with a robust content schedule on popular social media platforms, including detailed explorations of iconic films, exclusive interviews with filmmakers, and insights into the techniques and stories behind Egypt's film industry.

Egyptian Cinema: A Legacy of Influence

Egypt's film industry is one of the oldest and most influential in the Middle East, known for producing internationally acclaimed actors like Omar Sharif and iconic directors such as Youssef Chahine. These figures have not only shaped regional cinematic trends but have also made significant impacts on the global stage. Through 'Art du cinéma égyptien', Gahramy plans to highlight these contributions and more, bringing well-deserved recognition to Egyptian artists and their works.

The primary goal of Cinéma D'Egypte is to create a platform that fosters an appreciation for Egyptian cinema and encourages cultural exchange. Gahramy envisions this initiative as a bridge that connects the past and present of Egyptian art, offering a space for both learning and entertainment.

As Cinéma D'Egypte prepares for its grand launch, Gahramy invites film lovers, cultural enthusiasts, and the global community to join this journey. By following the initiative on Instagram and TikTok, audiences can stay up-to-date with the latest events, viewings, and discussions, all designed to enrich and expand the appreciation of Egyptian cinema.

For more information, to request a media kit, or to arrange an interview with Arkan Gahramy, please contact via email at or through the social media @arkangahramy.

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