Park Heights Clinics by King's College Hospital: Pioneering physiotherapy excellence in Dubai

The Physio Centre at Park Heights Clinic offers a comprehensive range of therapies, including manipulation and soft tissue release

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Published: Tue 7 Nov 2023, 12:58 PM

Last updated: Thu 9 Nov 2023, 3:26 PM

King's College Hospital announced the launch of the Park Heights Clinics, representing a significant advancement in its ongoing commitment to providing comprehensive and specialised healthcare to the community. These state-of-the-art clinics, with a particular emphasis on the Physio Clinic, have been thoughtfully equipped with cutting-edge medical infrastructure and advanced equipment, ensuring precise diagnosis and the provision of highly effective physiotherapy services.

The Physio Centre at Park Heights Clinic offers a comprehensive range of therapies, including manipulation and soft tissue release, therapeutic exercises, sports-specific rehabilitation, kinseotaping/rigid taping, flossing technique, dry needling, and various electrotherapies. Technological advancements are also incorporated into treatment protocols to ensure patients receive the most advanced care. It also comes with a fully equipped gym.

Ahmed Al Tayer, chairman of the board, said: "The Park Heights Clinics signify a vital addition to the UAE healthcare landscape, representing our commitment to elevating the standard of care in the region. By bringing together a comprehensive range of specialized services under one roof, we aim to provide our community with accessible, world-class healthcare. The clinic offers innovative treatments and a collaborative approach that empowers patients to live healthier, happier lives. Our dedication to the community is unwavering, and we look forward to making a lasting impact on the well-being of the people we serve."

Speaking about the role the clinics will play in medical tourism, he added, "Our commitment to comprehensive patient care extends beyond our clinic doors and transcends international borders. We envision that these new additions will be instrumental in Dubai's ambitious goal of attracting five million medical tourists. Our unwavering dedication to patients, from the moment they arrive in Dubai to their safe return home, sets us apart. Through our dedicated medical tourism unit and continuous communication channels, we strive to bridge the gap in the industry, offering a seamless experience that prioritises the well-being of patients, both in Dubai and in their home countries."

Commenting on the launch of the new clinic, Kimberly Pierce, CEO of King’s College Hospital London, Dubai, said: “We are delighted to announce the launch of Park Heights Clinics with a special focus on our cutting-edge Physio Clinic. This clinic is designed to offer specialised physiotherapy services to the community, delivered by renowned experts in the field. Our goal is to enhance patient outcomes and contribute significantly to the overall health and well-being of the community, in line with our broader mission and expertise in healthcare provision."

Professor Anil Dhawan, executive medical director at King’s Commercial and a Medical director for research and development at King's College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust in London, further said: "It is an honour to attend the opening of this facility. This centre is outfitted with cutting-edge equipment to facilitate patient rehabilitation and expedite recovery and is operated by a highly skilled team of therapists. This facility stands as a testament to the forward-thinking vision of the physiotherapy staff and underscores King's College Hospital London, Dubai's unwavering dedication to achieving the highest standards of excellence in healthcare outcomes."

Neurological Physiotherapy Management focuses on restoring lost muscle function, improving balance, coordination, and fine motor functions, and helping patients walk or move around. Tailor-made treatment plans are created for patients with neurodegenerative or neurotraumatic conditions, emphasising empathy, education, personalised care, and transparent communication. In the world of neuro-physiotherapy, every patient's journey is marked not only by physical challenges but also by emotional concerns. The hospital empowers patients to embark on their recovery journey with confidence.

For parents, this journey transcends mere observation; they become active participants in their child's progress. The guidance and education imparted by the dedicated team become invaluable tools that parents can integrate into their daily routines, fostering an environment of continuous growth and improvement. King's Physiotherapy Clinic partners with parents to unlock the potential of every child, regardless of physical challenges.

Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation at King's College Hospital specialises in assessing, diagnosing, and treating problems related to the pelvic floor muscles and the pelvic floor organs (the bladder, bowel, and uterus). It involves physical methods of strengthening and/or relaxing the muscles of the pelvic floor to help improve core stability and control over urination, bowel movements, and sexual function. Research supports pelvic floor therapy as a minimally invasive treatment option that should be used as a first-line method for treating various types of pelvic floor dysfunction, including issues such as pelvic organ prolapse, urinary or faecal incontinence, and painful intercourse.

Cardiorespiratory physiotherapy at the hospital specialises in the rehabilitation and prevention of common complications for patients with diseases and injuries in the heart and lungs. After cardiac disease or cardiorespiratory surgery, patients usually experience pain in the chest area, fatigue, and decreased exercise tolerance until recovery. Physiotherapy plays a significant role in improving the patient's condition, movement, quality of life, and muscular strength. Treatment includes deep breathing exercises, coughing and breathing strategies, and muscle strengthening.

King's College Hospital invites the community to experience the power of physiotherapy at Park Heights Clinics, where specialised healthcare services are designed to enhance the well-being of patients and the community at large.

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