Pariz metaverse by Trace Network Labs becomes the most adopted metaverse

Lately, Pariz metaverse has been in the news for breaking the negative perception of the market, that metaverse is dead

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Published: Mon 2 Oct 2023, 3:41 PM

From the day of its launch, March 22, it has started receiving positive feedback from its community and word of mouth started spreading in other communities as well. Users who have experienced this fashion and lifestyle metaverse -Pariz, appreciated the newness of the metaverse-to-home shopping concept, which gave a breath of gratification to the users. Many of them attended virtual events in Pariz and liked the life-like real experience of attending events/shows there. At the time of writing this article, Pariz has already crossed Decentraland and Sandbox in daily/monthly transactions as per Dappradar. Today, Pariz has become the most adopted metaverse in the market with more than 80,000 unique visitors in the last five months.

Pariz Metaverse has close to 20k unique monthly visitors coming for shopping, attending virtual events and various other entertainment experiences. Almost one new brand is launching its brand store on PARIZ every month, where users are engaging in a social shopping experience and brands are delivering real products to customers doorsteps. Many web3.0 and Web2.0 companies have hosted virtual events on Pariz for social connections, presentations etc.

Recently, the brands have started hosting game shows on Pariz to increase brand engagement while rewarding the winners in the form of discount coupons. The massive growth in adoption and user footfall can be attributed to the adoption-centric features implemented on PARIZ, like gasless experiences on Pariz, social logins, browser-based access and compatibility on all devices like laptops, mobiles and VR headsets.

Furthermore, their announcement of GAMEFI product-ZEST on Pariz has filled a lot of excitement in users, brands and investors, as this will boost user engagement and revenue growth and expand their native token-$TRACE utility in the ecosystem. As per the new token model, a portion of the revenue from Pariz will be distributed to Trace token holders.

ZEST will enable brands to launch theme-based casual games for better user engagement and retention. Like Nike and Gucci, now any brand would be able to create their brand theme games with different ways to reward their loyal users. Besides this, the ZEST platform can be used by gaming companies to launch games where users can participate using Trace tokens and earn rewards. As per Statista, the casual gaming industry will grow to $50 billion by 2025, which shows a bright side of the future for GAMEFI in the metaverse.

Trace team is moving aggressively in knitting partnerships with bigger global brands, and expanding their token utility in the Pariz ecosystem. Decentraland and Sandbox were the winners of the last bull run in the metaverse category. It will be interesting to see Pariz ecosystem growth before the next metaverse bull market.

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