'Pacinos the Barber' exemplifies how person-based business building offers success

Published: Fri 1 Jul 2022, 3:55 PM

Step into any Target, Walgreens, or CVS Pharmacy and you’ll find Pacinos Signature line stocked on their shelves. With crisp, black aesthetically pleasing packaging and a variety of products at reasonable price points, it's evident how Pacinos has blown up to the intensity that it has. In addition to contracts with the former establishments, Pacinos has hit continued peak success with international expansions on a global scale in places such as Brazil, Italy, Netherlands, Iraq, Mexico, Colombia, Australia, Japan and more. This expansion has allowed Pacinos to close contracts with recognised international retailers such as Superdrug (United Kingdom), Manor (Switzerland), Watsons (UAE), among others.

With such flourishing success it’s easy for one to ask themselves exactly how it was attained. For Pacinos’ founder, celebrity barber Eric Roa, aka Pacinos The Barber, the answer is simple enough to rationalise. For starters, Roa notes the difference between Pacinos versus your average hum-drum men’s grooming products saying “We have great quality formulas, some even water-based, which are easiest to apply and wash off without leaving any residues or damaging the hair. We also try to introduce new products that are not seen in the male industry as often, for instance, our latest launch (the beard pencil filler) was the first product of its type in the industry.” This idea of formulating products that are not only fresh and new to the industry, but are also sought after by men as products they can actually utilise for their self-care has heavily contributed to the success of the company. Pacinos The Barber’s launch into the profession of barbering began at a very young age, charging $5 haircuts to friends in high school, and even then the focus was always on achieving the best look he could to compliment each client’s features.

As Pacinos The Barber’s business expanded and he stepped away from barbering to put full focus on the ever-evolving and trailblasing Pacinos brand, his motives of catering to the consumer’s needs and putting focus on the person-based mentality trickled into his pursuits. With the brand's quippy slogans such as 'Define your style', and 'Professional products for the everyday man', Roa eloquently demonstrates the importance of ensuring their products are of well-regarded quality. This ambition has resulted in not only the wild upkeep of restocking such highly esteemed target shelves and so on but has also directly contributed to the brand’s renowned reputation as being a go-to product of barbers on a global scale. Men can feel confident purchasing these products for their everyday use, due to their popularity in barbershops. Roa adds, “Generally there’s a great reaction to our product, we have a lot of customers that end up buying the product because barbers use it on them. Men’s personal care “trends” are just now starting to get more popular so it’s great to be a brand they can trust, coming from a barber to their hands.”

Throughout the inception of Pacinos, Roa took time to evaluate the products that he felt would be most utilised directly by himself. Taking the initiative to value himself as a customer first and foremost tapped into empathically deriving the consumer’s needs ahead of them, and thus by anticipating those needs and releasing products as well as content on par with such needs, clients across the board are able to trust Pacinos as a brand to not only be validating but also dependable. Roa’s technique in cultivating his business to operate in such a way that he is his own first customer posits opportunities to grow more fluidly as a company. As social media has continued to expand rapidly each year it was this exact person-based mindset that had Roa pursue more organic reach via social media. With a mass 595K following on Instagram glittering with witty reels, personable and conversational pitches, as well as intimate glimpses into his family’s life has allowed for his client base to feel more connected to him. This strategic and authentic method has also opened the door for Roa’s highly successful collection of APPs available via iTunes and Android Market.

As Pacinos The Barber continues to only skyrocket further with his well-deserved success it’s easy to understand how he has been able to navigate the industry with his ambition, talent, and personable nature. The person-based business model, however bare it may have looked over time, has contributed to some of the highlights of Roa’s barber career which boasted clients such as Sean 'P. Diddy' Combs, Sean 'Jay Z' Carter, Chris Ludacris' Bridges, Kevin Hart, and others. Today, Roa continues to take the world by storm with Pacinos and it's evident that the heights he will continue to reach will positively impact clients and consumers alike.

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