Opt for a healthier you with 'The 500 Calorie Project'

Published: Fri 13 Jan 2023, 5:42 PM

Calorie is the key.

People usually pick a battle with calories when they are guilty of overconsumption or on a health conscious journey. But why?

Choosing the right battle to fight is equally important as fighting. Why fight with your calories when you can be pals with them? Yes, finding the right cals can be as difficult as getting the right Pals. But it is not impossible.

The birth of 500 Calorie Project

At The 500 Calorie project, we are bringing you just that. Our Cal-Culated salads and meals are filled with good calories from the perfect balance of proteins, healthy carbs, good fats and fiber. Everything on our menu is brimming with flavour, yet is strictly under 500 calories.

Fresh, delectable salads, good calories, necessary nutrients, stress-free meals and guilt-free indulgence all in one bowl.

Why is T500 CP the highest-rated health brand in UAE?

The simple answer is — because it fulfills the unmet customer demand. Before launching the brand, we spoke to thousands of consumers to understand their ‘wants’. This study gave us the understanding that for customers, health and taste usually did not go hand in hand. Choosing this customer ‘want’ over ‘need’, helped us enter the hearts and minds of our customers, becoming one of the most loved brands in Dubai.

What will you love?

Of course the flavours, texture, and taste matter. And we don’t believe you have to compromise on that. Our best-selling dishes in the UAE are proving that there can be a perfect balance between taste and healthy nutrients.

Imagine an afternoon meal with grilled chicken, protein-rich quinoa with a side of sautéed colourful veggies, served with a delish dressing, sounds amazing right? It is available on our menu under the name The Mexican Grill Chicken Warm Salad - 445kCal. You can order from a range of exotic grilled, warm and cold salads with some delish vegan and gluten-free smoothies.

We all have heard about the calories, counted them, but not been able to befriend them. Because calories have been by default tagged as bad. And its time for a change. With the delish salads at 'The 500 Calorie Project' you will find flavour and nutrition in one go in every bite. This is the place to find the real good calories that are happy and healthy.

So this New Year, get ready to begin your journey towards a healthier you. But this time let go of all the misconceptions and accept calories with open arms.

Now leave the calorie counting to us and enjoy your salads guilt-free!

Order from our website: order.the500calorieproject.com We are also available on Talabat, Deliveroo, Careem, Noon and Smiles across Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah.

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