NOFILTR on its five-year journey of placing content creators on the global map

Mihir Surana, COO, NOFILTR.Group
Mihir Surana, COO, NOFILTR.Group

Published: Fri 9 Dec 2022, 4:29 PM

With the aim to bridge the gap and foster relations between creators and brands, NOFILTR came into existence six years ago. Conceptualised and co-founded by Sumedh Chaphekar, the agency took form when the influencer industry in India was only starting to grow. The agency at that moment tapped on the opportunity to focus on the kind of content that was being created by the influencers to attract the right kind of brands and increase their business.

The agency started with three creators looked after by a team of four people which grew to 50 exclusive creators with a team of 60+ people now. This agency grew with the ever evolving influencer community where the pandemic had a huge role to play, with the increase in the number of content creators who originated for one sole reason of entertaining their followers.

Working with content creators across the country, NOFILTR helps them grow through personal branding, content creation and curation, influencer marketing, brand collaboration, campaign design, coupled with the total execution and analysis of the entire activity. The agency follows two different models — the NOFILTR and Creator 21 to cater to different kinds of needs of their influencers. With Creator 21, they assist influencers to seek new projects and help them build their portfolio with new opportunities. With NOFILTR, they play an integral part of their growth journey, and support and counsel them to achieve their larger vision.

The path to success for NOFILTR has been their content creators and what makes the agency stand out is that they believe in the story of the content creator irrespective of their background. The people and culture policy of NOLFILTR is not only ingrained in their content creators but also their employees. Along with creating a journey for their content creators, NOFILTR has paved a path for all the employees who have been a part of this organisation.

The content creators of NOFILTR over the five years have collaborated with many brands such as Coach, Coca Cola, Switzerland Tourism, Australia Tourism and Cadbury. One of the biggest milestones for them was the collaboration with Cadbury when they launched their Cadbury Dairy Milk Turkish Delight. In collaboration with Cadbury, NOFILTR sent a few of their creators to Turkey for the launch. The creators got a wide exposure and some amazing content came out of that campaign. This campaign not only helped the creators get high visibility, but it also increased the share of voice for NOFILTR.

NOFILTR creators have also made a mark on the global map. Through their splendid work, the content creators associated with the agency have managed to create an audience base beyond the horizon of this country. This is also helping the creators get global projects and is helping place the Indian influencer community on the global map. The agency also has a community running within called the NOFILTR Escape, where the influencer travels and explores exotic international locations and encourages and influences their audience to visit these destinations. Their global presence is also helping them attract global projects and influencers are getting to be a part of Fashion week and are walking the ramps on a global platform.

NOFILTR is a known name in the influencer community, and has also won many awards and accolades such as 'ETBrand Equity Influencer Marketing Awards', 'Cosmo India Blogger Awards 2021-2022', 'Parcos Beauty Influencer Awards 2022' and 'Influencer Marketing Awards 2022' among others.

Over the next five years, the agency aims to expand its portfolio beyond the genres and wants to be positioned as an influencer marketing agency that is helping every influencer tell their story to a larger audience.

Mihir Surana, COO at NOFILTR.Group, said: "Since day one, we have always worked towards creating a seamless network that connects the influencers with the right brands and helps both of them tell their story. We are excited for the coming year and we are really proud of the content creators who are associated with us. It has been a learning experience working with these creators and being a part of their growth. We have big plans for them and NOFILTR will grow as its community grows."

Hitarth Dadia, chief marketing officer at NOFILTR.GROUP, said: "To have an all-inclusive range of creators who understand the fundamentals of the company, is the reason why we are able to take NOFILTR.GROUP to the heights it has reached. The growing media and market make our team extremely productive to be on the top and be connected frequently with the audiences. I am super stoked to grow and explore what's next for NOFILTER.GROUP. It’s always about bigger and better opportunities and I believe we are towards those bigger opportunities.”

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