Nick Lutsenko of OWRealty introduces brand’s slick app, discusses digitalisation trend in real estate industry in Dubai and beyond

OWRealty's holistic approach seamlessly blends technology, customer-centric solutions, and international reach

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Published: Mon 25 Sep 2023, 11:40 AM

Last updated: Mon 2 Oct 2023, 10:46 AM

OWRealty, the UAE real estate agency with a focus on digital innovation, has rolled out an app that streamlines the property buying process for both local and international clients. The app combines an extensive database of primary properties, as well as a secondary real estate database with a set of additional functions that optimise the search process.

Nick Lutsenko, founder and CEO of OWRealty says the app’s mission is to eliminate any obstacles or inconveniences a potential buyer might have when they deal with agencies. With the OWRealty App, people have a world of properties at their fingertips, tailored to their wishes and needs. With a wide range of properties on offer, each showcased with great pictures and clear descriptions, the app makes choosing one’s dream home or obtaining a rental property with a high ROI a breeze. And with all the Dubai developers and their actual projects in one application, it’s as convenient as ever.

What sets the app apart from the competition (and there’s hardly any – only 3 other real estate agencies have similar solutions) is its smart search filters. They allow users to narrow down their search by location, price range, property type, and more. “Whether you're picturing a luxury villa by the water in Palm Jumeirah, a trendy apartment in downtown's Burj Khalifa area, or even a land base for your own project, the app has you covered,” comments Nick.

At the same time, the app developers recognise the importance of a personal touch and human connection behind the screen. That’s why users can set up personal alerts for new properties that match their interests – even before the official start of sales. Plus, users can save their favourite properties and easily compare them. For expert advice, connecting with OWRealty real estate agents is just a tap away. The app also has an in-built newsfeed – read about all the upcoming projects and new properties in Dubai and the UAE, or get access to closed sales before the official project launches.

The feature set of the OWRealty app is not limited to the present version. Nick says it will keep expanding to include, among other things, the options for a swift mortgage application down payment registration.

How Nick Lutsenko Leverages Digital Expertise at OWRealty

It’s no surprise that OWRealty is going down the digitalisation path to cater to the ever-changing real estate market in such a forward-thinking place as the UAE. According to Nick, as the real estate industry rapidly evolves with the surge of proptech, staying attuned to these changes becomes key. Keeping pace with the industry demands a dedicated team of professionals including developers, copywriters, rewriters, videographers, creatives, targetologists, directologists, and other experts. Together, they bring forth a wealth of data-driven strategies, creative solutions, and innovations.

But building this kind of team just for real estate can be really expensive, mostly doable for big companies with big wallets. And that’s where Lutsenko has had a great headstart thanks to his other successful enterprise – an up-and-running digital agency. By aligning his agency's adept team with OWRealty, Nick not only optimizes costs but also streamlines operations. This collaborative effort ensures that OWRealty remains at the forefront of digitalisation without the burden of establishing an in-house digital team from scratch.

"Integrating the digital agency's proficiency into OWRealty has allowed us to transcend traditional real estate paradigms," comments Lutsenko. "We recognize that a seamless digital experience is paramount for our clients, whether they're searching for properties or engaging with our other services."

Another advantage of this synergy is the generation of high-quality leads for OWRealty. Nick's digital agency specializes in data-driven lead generation, a crucial factor in the competitive real estate landscape. The number of leads has eventually grown so much that Lutsenko now sells them to third parties – mainly other Dubai-based real estate companies.

Fast Fish Eats Slow Fish: Staying Competitive in Real Estate Game

OWRealty prioritises digital solutions not simply to hop on the trend. Recent experience and market mutations show that it’s a question of competitive edge and, sometimes, survival of a real estate business. Nick agrees with it and adds that agility is a crucial factor for growth and success in today’s real estate industry.

“New technological advancements, like virtual real estate tours, online platforms and apps for property deals, and various digital tools, aren't just novelties. They're game-changers. These innovations simplify the experiences of buyers, tenants, brokers, and investors alike. Digitalization boosts the efficiency of real estate agencies and elevates the quality of services provided. This is exactly what we’re after at OWRealty,” explains Lutsenko.

Inevitably, agile, adaptive companies will outgrow bigger but less flexible businesses in the real estate industry. That’s why Nick’s advice to any business striving to thrive in this realm is to leverage modern technology and gradually turn away from the stale old ways. He applies the same principle to OWRealty’s app, planning on integrating even more digital know-how’s into the product.

Dubai: Modern Digital Real Estate Incubator?

CEO of OWRealty is convinced: there’s no better place than Dubai to foster a digitalised real estate company today. Indeed, Dubai and other cities that have gone through intensive digitalisation, are now adopting proptech as a popular and, in many ways, necessary trend. It makes the local real estate market accessible, transparent, and convenient to navigate for all parties involved.

The strategic location of Dubai as a global business and travel hub adds another layer of appeal. International investors are drawn to its investor-friendly policies, while its vibrant lifestyle makes it an attractive destination for professionals and entrepreneurs. Such government initiatives as Smart Dubai, also contribute to the positive disruptions in real estate. The city's advancements in technology, including smart infrastructure, IoT integration, and AI-driven services, create an ideal environment for the growth of proptech.

“This is one of the most thriving markets I’ve ever seen,” adds Lutsenko. – “Investment money is abundant, new properties pop up in different parts of the city and all around UAE, and transparent taxing policy makes it an even more appealing location.”

What’s Next for OWRealty: Agile Expansion and Improvement

Nick and his team at OWRealty are constantly looking for ways to bring their innovative solution to new audiences worldwide. International expansion of the brand’s real estate app is one of Lutsenko’s top priorities. Starting with Miami, where a physical office is also on the horizon, OWRealty envisions extending its footprint to destinations such as Cyprus, Spain, and several countries within the MENA region.

These expansion plans hinge on factors like the pace of attracting crucial investment and the company's self-funded initiatives. Regardless of the path taken, OWRealty is poised to deploy its digital expertise on the global stage. This digital acumen, combined with the power of lead generation, positions the company as a potentially unique player in the industry. It enables not only the resale of clients' properties but also their efficient rental, thanks to the steady influx of applications from around the world.

OWRealty's holistic approach seamlessly blends technology, customer-centric solutions, and international reach. This synthesis underscores the company's dedication to reshaping real estate norms. No wonder the company’s motto is S.E.T.: Service. Expertise. Technology. As OWRealty aims for new horizons, it serves as an example of a forward-thinking digital agency that's altering the real estate landscape for years to come.

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