NFT’s represent the trendiest business of 2022 according to Richape Mille

A $40 billion market is opening up for grabs for the innovative virtual watch company


Published: Mon 14 Feb 2022, 4:41 PM

The NFT market is reaching levels unimaginable so much so that it is often referred to as 'Bitcoin 2.0'. But there is so much more to this tool, leading to such incredible results and hiding potential for widespread applications to any valuable asset.

NFT’s are rocking the alternative asset market

Thought traditional art was a good investment? You were right. Non-fungible tokens (NFT’s) follow precisely the same footsteps. The news now is chasing one another in a matter of hours, about examples of digital art linked to related NFTs reaching ever-higher records. Recently, it was in news that Justin Bieber paid an NFT from the Bored Ape Yacht Club series for $1.3 million. As of mid-2021, the average price of this collection was around $50,000 on OpenSea, one of the most well-known trading platforms.


Nor is this the best result achieved by an NFT: As of today, February 2022, the record goes to Pak's ‘The Merge’, sold for $91.8 million, which outperformed the previous champion, Beeple's ‘Everydays’: The First 5000 Days sold for $69.3 million. Other NFTs, like Cryptopunk's, have sold from $7 to $11.75 million. It is much more than what you would pay for the average Renoir.

What are NFT’s?

If you don't know, NFTs are tools based on blockchain technology. Still, unlike cryptocurrencies, each NFT is unique and unrepeatable - and can be linked to any asset, virtual or physical, to secure its ownership, written uniquely in its address.

An NFT can contain the ownership of a digital image, a movie, a song, or be linked to a physical asset such as a car or a luxury watch. And it is this infinite variety of interaction and inclusion encompassing the real and the virtual which opens up exciting prospects for forward-looking investors.

Richape Mille balances NFTs, watches and the metaverse

Web3, and the development of the Metaverse, are the modern prospects of business development — a world that major IT companies are building right now that will become an all-encompassing environment where we will have ownership of physical and virtual properties. Mille has very clear ideas about that as far as the luxury watch industry is concerned, not just in the form of NFT making.

Its first move is to introduce an innovative collection of NFTs, Metalus, which offers 5711 NFTs dedicated to the 100 icons of world watchmaking, and which will be available in four degrees of rarity: rare, super rare, grail, and piece unique.

These NFTs, dedicated to those who love traditional watchmaking, will be launched in a forthcoming public offering. To participate, one will need to register on the Discord channel that will be available in a few days on the company's website at

The company wants to not only launch a new NFT but, above all, to create a community. Therefore, active participation in the channel, with the publication of engaging content such as photos and videos, will be the key to being invited to the whitelist for the launch of the new NFT.

There are only a few spots on the whitelist, and each participant will be able to acquire a maximum of two NFT’s at the launch price. As you can easily guess, the remaining NFT's will then be open to the public at prices significantly different from the launch price.

A community dedicated to watch lovers

Hannu Siren, one of the founders of Richape Mille and active in other watch market initiatives such as Aventi watches, tells us: "We want to do much more for watch lovers: we want to create a community and a dedicated marketplace called ChronoMETA. Those familiar with sites like Chrono24 and Chronext will understand the concept immediately: ChronoMETA will be the marketplace dedicated to trading watch-themed NFT assets on the metaverse.

This means that through ChronoMETA, enthusiasts will be able to buy and sell watches, both virtual and physical, paying with cryptocurrencies and securing the right of ownership through blockchain technology. There will be no more middlemen, waiting lists, watch flipping, and unavailability of pieces, as it happens now — everything will be simple, clear, and transparent." Plus, there's something special Mille has reserved for subscribers to the initiative.

"We want to offer those who believe in us and our project a welcoming environment that brings together watch experts and enables them to talk and interact with each other. We want to create a community so much so that we'll be giving away one custom hoodie to every purchaser of our NFTs, complete with its NFT version, and one platinum Rolex Daytona complete with box and papers will also be drawn from all 5711 subscribers. Real, not virtual,” he said.

To know more, simply sign up

To date, we're still in the pre-registration phase but when project Metalus launches, Mille intends to burn the candle at the seams. "The sooner you sign up, the better because we're certainly not going to wait around. And the ticket to the new way of experiencing luxury watchmaking in the third millennium is through our 5711 entry tickets,” Siren concluded.

For more information, check out Richape Mille’s Instagram.

Published: Mon 14 Feb 2022, 4:41 PM

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