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Published: Fri 11 Mar 2022, 11:49 AM

Achieving the level of customized operational efficiency necessary to compete in an increasingly fast-paced digital environment has become a priority for nearly every business executive in any industry. Many acknowledge automation of core services, data driven decisions, and redesigning of processes using advanced technologies (AI applications) as critical enablers in this pursuit.

Meet Dr Sahar Hashmi, founder and CEO of Myriad Consulting LLC, who has successfully designed and transformed businesses in many industries including healthcare. She was recently featured amongst the Flying High Women Leaders 2021 for her global business and entrepreneurship by Aspioneer Magazine: expertise being AI, design and digital transformation, data driven decision making, process automation, and many more. She was also featured by the Woman Entrepreneur magazine as a Rising Leader in AI and Digital transformation industry 2022. Recently, she published an article in the most futuristic business leaders edition of CIO magazine, about the potential innovative applications of healthcare including mental health in the metaverse.

Her business team does a myriad of consulting services, and hence the boutique firm is called Myriad Consulting LLC

Based on its experience working with many clients, the consulting company finds that organizations are most successful at their digital transformational journey when they start by redesigning a core process (what we call a domain) of interest and include the cultural change component to it for an end-to-end implementation strategy solution. Some of its pathbreaking services are:

Businesses and VC visions made to matter

Whether you would like to design a creative integrated mental health platform, customized telehealth services, an innovative smart-city or smart hotel design or would like to automate services in a clinic/hospital to start your digital transformational journey, Myriad Consulting values your visions and dreams and provides the best services from a brilliant team of experts who are alums and MD-PhDs, MD-MBAs from world renowned prestigious institutions of Harvard and MIT.

Educational services/dreams made to matter

Whether you are about to start your graduate studies or are a lifelong learner — Myriad Consulting will help guide you in the right direction. They can help redesign the existing education curriculum in universities looking to keep up with the pace of advanced technologies, data analytics and innovative initiatives. The team can also help provide collaboration services between universities in areas of mutual interest.

The consulting company can develop creative dual degree programs (MD-MBA, MD-PhD, MD-MS, etc) for university clients who are enthusiastic about educational initiatives related to AI and data analytics in businesses, healthcare and business transformations.

Myriad Consulting LLC offers a complete package

This entails identifying and assessing the need of the customer/client (problem understanding-as simple as automating a service), to developing the potential strategies to solve the problem (strategy to solve the problem), to identifying the vendors or potential most suitable partners in the market depending on customized KPIs, to developing an implementation plan, establishing a detailed execution plan and thus making the vision/solution come to a reality in a customized manner for the client.

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