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Mutual cooperation is the recipe for regional development

Javed Jabbar, former Senator of Pakistan, writer and intellectual. — File photo
Javed Jabbar, former Senator of Pakistan, writer and intellectual. — File photo

By Staff Report

Published: Mon 24 Jan 2022, 3:08 PM

The global pandemic of Covid-19 has taught us that how fragile this world is and how unpredictable life is. It is time that regions and nations come together and recuperate their resources and harness their efforts and collective wisdom to combat such calamities for regional with mutual benefits.

The best possible way to survive and revive is by uplifting each other through collective actions for the achievement of mutual goals of development, peace and prosperity of the people.

In his recently released documentary captioned “The Untold Story”, Javed Jabbar, former Senator of Pakistan, writer and intellectual, makes an objective, fact based and honest quest to unveil the truth of about 1971 events.

"The regional powers need to support each other, let go of archaic issues and rebuild bonds for sustainable development. We need to raise voice for peace and prosperity in South Asia. The first step is acknowledgment of past mistakes, clearing the air and forget the blame game," he said.

The documentary highlights healing for the future and emphasises that the nations must leave the past behind and work towards strengthened relationships for a stronger subcontinent. It calls for according priority to the common man and not play into the self-serving power hungry politics.

Peaceful and prosperous South Asia collectively supporting all the independent nations in its region will have more say for the benefit of its people in the global arena, rather than a fragmented disconnected region fighting for scraps handed out to it.

"We need to stop becoming the playground of global politics and become a stronger together," he said.

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