Mohammed Miandad on his vision of creating a diversified business world

By Sumeet Jindal

Published: Wed 16 Nov 2022, 12:14 PM

There are brand-driven purposes and purpose-driven brands. Purely motivated by the purpose, Mohammed Miandad V P turns his world around, of late, leaving surprise waves to many of them around him. For them, he was not like this. But, for those who stand close to him, he leaves no surprise. This young businessman, with a handful of great companies and initiatives, has a clear plan towards the future.

Prior to the launch of 33 Holdings, a business acceleration company that stands for his business activities, ideas, thoughts and business representations, Miandad has always been a face behind the curtain, despite his immense success as an entrepreneur with a deep portfolio of business initiatives ranging from healthcare, trading, real estate, logistics, IT, fashion, mining and education, spread across seven countries in Asian, African and European continents.

“The success of a business is not often on things what we see in front. It happens behind,” Miandad starts his reply with a deep eye to a question on beginning a business acceleration company to drive all his investments, efforts and thoughts. “We are a purpose-driven brand. And the purpose of different markets are not the same. It varies hugely from places to places and culture to culture. It demands new products and services at much lesser cost or quality time. To meet the purpose, we need adaptability, which creates scalability. Diversification fascinates me because it gives me opportunity to learn new things and experiments new things. 33 Holdings is an organisational system to analyse, predict and perfect diversification through proper and timely investments and operational analysis,” he says.

Created around the motto, diversifying values, 33 Holdings is now grabbing attention for its unique positioning as one of the few business-augmentation companies that creates a sustainable business from successful ideas through funding and mentoring.

Miandad V P, chairman and managing director of 33 Holdings, is a multi-faceted entrepreneur with various product and service line companies to his credit as founder, investor, executive head, and many more. Throughout his business career, the 36-year-old Kerala-born businessman has positioned diversifying business at the core of his focus. This resulted in the positive scalability of 33 companies in different industries, operating from seven countries and reaching over 20 countries. Employing more than 1500 employees with an annual pay-out of $30 million, his business network is on rapid growth with new expansion plans to UK, Africa, Dubai, and India.

“Becoming an entrepreneur was never an easy task for me”, he said. “I always try to look at every business from its customers’ point and how to add value to their life and work.” Miandad started his entrepreneurial journey after earning his masters degree from Middlesex University in London, with ABM4 Trades, a leading trading company presently operating from India and Qatar.

With these results, Miandad started getting the most-needed energy to focus and drive business across various industries. And, then came Naseem Healthcare. “Naseem started with a challenge,” Miandad remembers the old days of joining his family business, when it was just a single dental clinic. “Immediately after my joining, the clinic had to shift to a new location due to legal hiccups and I had to go for 500 time’s bigger facility in a few day. It was so risky. But it proved futile and that paved the platform for the next phase of growth with seven centres in Qatar which will see an addition of two more in 2023, and is now expanding to Africa under the brand Medinova. Naseem is now known for its comprehensive care and quality with a new surgical centre recently added to the service list with a plan to launch a CSR-driven free surgery campaign early next year with a vision of giving painless life to millions in Qatar.

33 Holdings holds the potential of growing globally and locally with alignments and a project that has a transformational potential. Miandad is making himself the next big face in global business fraternity and he is ready for the next big leap with strategically aligned plans in place.

Sumeet Jindal is the founder of SVJ Communications.

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