Mohabbatein set to roll out first matrimony platform in Dubai

The goal behind Mohabbatein is to help people find love and build meaningful relationships in the safest, most respectful and supportive environment

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Published: Sat 18 Nov 2023, 12:49 AM

Last updated: Tue 16 Jan 2024, 5:39 PM

Mohabbatein is all set to roll out as the first matrimony platform in Dubai, redefining the concept of arranged marriages by blending modern compatibility metrics.

Chandan Serai, founder of Mohabbatein, presents the platform as a result of his belief in the power of love and meaningful relationships. He expects this launch to play a big role in bringing joy and happiness to people's lives and, most importantly, give a chance to bring new ideas and approaches to an age-old industry.

Sharing insights into the story behind Mohabbatein, Chandan said: "My wife and I had spoken about how we were so lucky to find each other in a world of 8 billion people and unfortunately, many people are still struggling to find their soulmates. Coming out of Covid-19, I also realised how many people longed to find meaningful connections and have somebody with them through their ups and downs, that's when the idea of Mohabbatein came to life."

The goal behind Mohabbatein is to help people find love and build meaningful relationships in the safest, most respectful and supportive environment, leading to lifelong happiness. It is designed to grow as the go-to platform for all age groups to find a life partner, even if they are on opposite sides of the globe.

Selecting Dubai as the home for Mohabbatein is a decision made by the founder based on personal connection and significance. "I have started this platform in Dubai as it is the safest city in the world with more than 200 nationalities, and because Dubai is home for me, I was born and raised here. I found the love of my life here, and I have all my family and friends here."

What sets Mohabbatein apart from other platforms and matrimony websites is the careful focus on multiple security measures, a clean and easy design, and unique functionalities that promote modern compatibility. Mohabbatein encourages the younger generation to open up to the word of being on a matrimony platform by breaking all the taboos around it and potentially finding the love of their life.

While embracing traditional marriage values and compatibility tied to family background, religion, caste, numerology, and horoscopes, Mohabbatein also actively encourages individuals to prioritise the exploration of chemistry, sparks, connections, and understanding on the platform when making decisions about their potential life partners.

"By prioritising these essential elements, we try to establish Mohabbatein as a leading global matrimony platform that is dedicated to fostering marriages built on a solid foundation of understanding, emotional connection and shared aspirations, beyond just traditional, physical, religious, and family background compatibility," Chandan said as he further emphasised this modern take on their platform.

Closing the discussion, he also reflected that Mohabbatein is the ideal choice for anyone who is serious and genuine about their search for a potential spouse, understanding them, and taking it to the next step of marriage and lifelong commitment.

For inquiries, please visit Mohabbatein's official website or contact +971 50 247 0906.

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