'Mobile First' as a standard: Techysquad redefines web accessibility and responsiveness

From navigation to responsiveness, Techysquad’s website development services cover every aspect of UI/UX

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Published: Fri 5 Jul 2024, 4:22 PM

'Mobile first' has created a massive paradigm shift in the past decade, gradually creeping into the hearts and minds of consumers. In 2022, the number of active mobile subscriptions exceeded the entire world’s population by 0.63 billion, the Telecommunication Union (ITU) signalled.

For Techysquad IT Infrastructure Co. LLC, a Dubai-registered technology provider of Forex CRM and Web design solutions for the brokerage and fintech sectors, 'mobile first' is the standard. Understanding the impact of mobile technology on every aspect of daily life, the tech firm set out to revolutionise web accessibility and responsiveness on mobile devices.

With over a decade of expertise in fintech, Techysquad has established itself as a tech partner of choice for top-tier banks and asset management firms as well as fintechs, Forex and crypto brokers, equipping them with the right tools to future-proof their business.

Its unwavering commitment to excellence extends beyond design aesthetics, ensuring optimal functionality and full compatibility with any operating system and platform. Prioritising user experience, the technology provider understands the importance of delivering a website that is both eye-pleasing and loads fast.

"Your business, anytime, anywhere, on any device’ is our motto when it comes to web design and development,” Nikunj Tagadiya, CTO at Techysquad, said candidly.

“As a rule, we tend to process information from top to bottom. This is known as the ranking effect. Mobile device usage is directly linked to a stronger ranking effect. Also, users’ increasingly lower attention span and the reduced display screen size of mobile devices have greatly contributed to the way traders filter trade-related information. This is exactly where Techysquad makes every difference. More than an eye-catching web interface, we offer an immersive experience that increases user engagement across devices,” he explained.

From navigation to responsiveness, Techysquad’s website development services cover every aspect of UI/UX. The technology developer arms businesses with the arsenal they need to keep their clients engaged at every stage of their journey, on mobile and PC.

Techysquad developers work tirelessly to ensure mobile compatibility. Using a combination of programming languages, the team places great emphasis on website responsiveness. This helps businesses to easily adapt to the evolving demands of a mobile-driven audience and maximise their online reach and potential to convert leads into paying customers.

In addition to providing mobile-friendly web solutions, the company also takes pride in developing bespoke web-based solutions designed to meet the specific needs of each client, enabling quick scalability and adaptability for sustainable growth.

Fusing unique branding elements, such as graphics, colours, and fonts with a dynamic design and advanced coding, Techysquad makes Forex and crypto brokerage brands truly stand out.

“Creativity is key to bringing any brand story to life, but when you combine it with intelligent programming, miracles happen,” said Jignesh Patel, team leader at Techysquad.

This statement echoes through the company’s value proposition, which no matter how crowded the marketplace is, still shines through. Leveraging a robust infrastructure, Techysquad builds reliable and mobile-friendly websites integrated with a powerful Forex CRM that helps brokers keep tabs on the entire platform activity — from onboarding to trading and compliance reporting.

This unified approach to brokerage management won the company one of the highest distinctions for an 'Outstanding Contribution in the IT Field' from the Excellence Awards in 2023.

By offering an integrated brokerage platform, including web design, development and CRM, Techysquad emerges as the go-to technology provider for trading platform operators looking for sustainable growth.

To explore Techysquad’s solutions or to book a demo, contact the team.

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