Mike Tetreault gives Dubai investors big returns in US real estate market

Published: Mon 20 Jun 2022, 3:11 PM

The US real estate market may currently seem like a headache to foreign investors with things like limited inventory, rising interest rates, chaotic bidding wars, and complex regulations. However, Mike Tetreault (Tate) and his real estate brokerage 'The Tate Team' have developed a way to win despite all the madness.

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Tate said: "We’ve pioneered a way to find our own off-market inventory so our clients no longer need to fight amongst the public for overpriced properties. We can tell you who wants to sell a property before anyone else even knows the seller wants to sell. Need a luxury condo, a house, a big multifamily investment, or a shopping centre? Want to cut out the competition and not have to get in a bidding war with anyone? We have the ability to source this exclusive off-market inventory anywhere throughout the whole United States.”

How could one company realistically find more property sellers than what’s publicly available on the internet? When asked about the skepticism, Tate said: "Our whole system wasn’t created overnight. This literally took years of development and lots of trial and error. Thanks to the huge leaps in data collection, predictive analytics and artificial intelligence in the real estate sector we’ve combined that with high level sales techniques to be able to source exclusive off market properties for our clientele”.

The Tate team is based in Massachusetts, US, but the company runs virtually all throughout the US and internationally. Tate did confirm that the UAE real estate investors are a big part of The Tate team’s client list. "First and foremost we respect our client’s privacy and keep all transactions and client names confidential unless the client directs us otherwise. However I can say the relationships we have with our UAE investors are some of the best," Tate added.

Further questioned on how he got started with the UAE investors, Tate said: "Being here in Massachusetts, a lot of UAE investors send their family members to receive world-class medical care or attend prestigious universities. When they need a place to live while in Boston they come to us, and we find them a property that matches their every need. After that the conversation usually turns to real estate investing, and we love being able to assist them in navigating the US real estate market and finding them deals that will produce substantial returns.”

On his prediction on what the next couple years will look like for the US real estate market, Tate said: “Look, no one has a crystal ball and even the best analysts are sometimes wrong. Right now it’s ultra competitive with limited inventory that everyone is fighting for coupled with interest rates rising fast. However, for major hedge funds or big investors with cash, it’s a prime time to buy, and we are able to source exclusive deals first so you don’t have to compete with others.”

Feel free to reach out to The Tate team via their website or email, and they are ready to help you with any of your US real estate needs.

Go check out The Tate team at www.thetateteam.com. Also catch him on Instagram @theofficialtate and twitter @mike_tetreault_

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