Meet Normando Macalinao: Dubai’s favourite magician who showcased his talents in the Netflix series ‘Dubai Bling’

By Abu Talha

Published: Fri 11 Nov 2022, 3:25 PM

Last updated: Fri 11 Nov 2022, 3:27 PM

The most effective conjurers are those who can elicit gasps, sighs, and sometimes even tears. The magician, whether on stage or in close-up, gives you the impression that what you are seeing or feeling might be true. When you get that feeling from a magic act, it's truly astonishing. Curiosity is not enough to pull off a brilliant magic trick. Every skill must be mastered through hard study, practice, and research. You will understand what a true magic show is if you watch Normando Macalinao's performance.

Macalinao who is also known by his eminent name Normando the Magician creates next-level hype among audiences through his amazing magic tricks. His innovative techniques have baffled a lot of celebrities. He reveals a forceful and charismatic personality. His entire life has been devoted to becoming one of the best magicians possible. He started his work from scratch and brought it to a finished product that he appreciated. His road to success was paved with difficulties; he began working as a dishwasher and server in a hotel in Dubai. He practised in front of hotel guests, soon discovered by a talent agency. He then began performing his magic shows on his own.

He took advantage of every opportunity that came his way, performing at the most prominent locations, meeting famous people, and even appearing on billboards throughout the UAE. He did a Netflix show, 'Dubai bling', which made him one of the most recognisable magicians in the Middle East. (You can watch his magic performance on season 1 episode 4 of Dubai Bling on Netflix) With each of his presentations, he has wowed audiences around the world. He believes that a close-up magician must have repeatedly rehearsed to master the sleight of hand trick and develop the necessary concentration levels for such magic. Only then will they be able to pull off a trick successfully.

Even though Macalinao has accomplished more than he could have ever imagined, he remains grounded, holds onto his Filipino heritage, and frequently plays unannounced free gigs for local businesses and workers. Normando thinks that his success story will encourage others to pursue their goals and never give up the wait will be worthwhile.

Abu Talha is the business atrategist at Teamology Softech and Media Private Limited.

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